Google Reportedly Testing Revamped Interface for Gmail, Here’s What It Looks Like

There’s no doubt that Google’s Gmail has established itself as one of the best services for managing emails. The team behind this success has worked day and night to ensure that users have a clean, robust, intuitive and secure platform from which they can easily manage all their virtual correspondence. Recently, according to some newly-leaked info, the app is set for a significant overhaul that will see it incorporate a completely new, modern design.

If you’re a long-time Gmail user as many of us here at MTE are, you’ll know that Gmail’s developers have ensured that their mobile as well as web services are up to scratch. While the mobile apps have been the main focus for the past couple of years, the web service, too, has been modernized to a degree, but apparently, there’s still a lot more to come.


Leaked screenshots and information show how Google may be planning to introduce a new smooth modern approach, removing its current boring tab bar on the left side on the window and replacing it with a drop-down menu. Kind of similar to what Microsoft did with the Windows 8 menus. This feature should help keep menus hidden when not in use and giving an overall feeling of minimalism.


The right-hand side will feature a Hangouts pane, which can also be collapsed/expanded at user convenience. And as far as full-screen is concerned, this look would definitely suit it, and it would be a lot easier for a user to scan over their emails at a glance.


It’s not uncommon for some folks to receive over hundreds of emails daily. Managing them can be a real issue. If left unchecked, they can build up to unmanageable levels. If Google indeed does place this new and improved system in place, which also includes a pin system to replace the current “starring” of important emails, some of these features could make the task of emailing a whole lot less cumbersome.


So, do tell us, what do you make of this new prospective look? Do you like it or not really? Be sure to share your thoughts below in the comments!

Shujaa Imran Shujaa Imran

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  1. “There’s no doubt that Google’s Gmail has established itself as one of the best services for managing emails.”
    Most popular, yes. One of the best, I don’t think so.

    Ten years ago I was using AT&T Worldnet as my ISP. Their email manger had useful features that GMail still does not have. It seems like Google only cares about the look and feel. They keep changing it, adding glitz and eye candy but skimping on the useful features.

    Google added Categories into which I am expected to pigeonhole all my emails. Unfortunately none of my emails fit into the pigeonholes provided by Google and, in their infinite arrogance that theirs is the best and only way of doing things, Google has not provided a way of creating new Categories, ones that are more meanigful to me. I would like to sort my emails on any of the columns in the display. Google does not allow sorting. WorldNet had sorting and free form Categories 10 years ago. There are other features that are missing from GMail that could make life easier for users but Google would rather futz with how GMail looks than how it works.

    1. I completely agree with dragonmouth, maybe for the first time. ;) I run my own email servers and I can tell you it’s much better than gmail. I work for a local ISP and all of our customers seem to think our email servers and even our web interface are 10 times better than gmail.

      1. “I completely agree with dragonmouth, maybe for the first time. ”
        Don’t let it get around. :-)

  2. I DETEST the “minimalist” approach to design. I LOVED the design that came with Windows 7. I will never willingly switch to this “metro” flat, square-shaped interface. It reminds me of DOS and Windows 3.1. What is it with these designers? Do they want to see how far toward “nothing” they can go? “Yeah! Give me nothing, then I won’t have to make any choices. It’ll all be done for me.”

  3. Anything that bears even a passing resemblance to Windows 8 is a ghastly idea! Gmail looks just fine the way it is now. I agree with dragonmouth, Google needs to stop messing around with the appearance and start working on improving the functionality.

  4. Why do people insist on fixing things that are not broken? I expect that things will be screwed up during the transition as usual.

    1. Google is not “fixing things that aren’t broken”, it is “improving” GMail. /sarcasm

  5. Google does offer sorting. They are called filters in gmail. You can use these filters to have things sorted into different labels. Labels actually are categories as well. It seems to me Google should have named Categories as labels and labels should have been named categories. Anyway, the labels appear in sidebar on your left. With filtering you can decide which emails go where. You may set up gmail to automatically send a specific response to an email based on your own criteria as well. I use all these features at my family’s small business. So if an email comes from one of our warehouses confirming a shipment gmail automatically marks it as read, it skips my inbox, and is in my “warehouse shipping” folder. If I want to see it. It’s there in the folder. But since I get them everyday I don’t need the constant notification in my email.

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