Google Testing Journeys Search Feature to Group Your Browsing

Google Journeys Search Featured

We’ve all turned to Google to search for something in particular, such as a recipe, vacation destination, or news story. It’s easy to get distracted and leave your search, making it difficult to go back. Google wants to change that – at least in Chrome. It’s testing the Journeys search feature that will group your like-minded Google searches.

Google Testing Journeys Search Feature on Chrome

Google published on the Chromium blog that it’s beginning to test the Journeys search feature in Chrome to help you “keep track of the things you find on the Web.”

The problem with our searches is that it’s too easy to get off track. There are Google ads that are easy to click, news notifications we want to look at right away, etc. You may even put your search to the side for a few days to attend to other tasks or accidentally paste a link for something else entirely in your search tab.

Google Journeys Search Shopping

Google wants to make it easier to get back to your search with the new Journeys feature. This will allow you to return to your search at any time. Additionally, while you’ll be able to clear your search history just like you’ always have, now you can also clear just the history related to a certain journey.

It’s important to note that the grouped history is only stored locally and won’t be found on your other devices – at least for now. The feature may be allowed to carry over to your other devices in the future.

Google Also Experimenting With a Side Panel for Searches

Along with grouping your saved searches, Google is also testing a feature that will help you compare the information. How many times do you have to flip back and forth in your searched pages to compare the information you dug up? This new feature could make it easier.

This new Chrome feature adds a new side panel. You’ll be able to see both your search results and the page you’re viewing at the same time. Google explains that “the goal of this experiment is to explore how Chrome can better help users easily compare results.”

Google Journeys Search Browsing

Click the “G” icon in your search bar to access the side panel, then close it again when you’re done with it. It’s not meant to be in your way – just provide that help to compare what you’ve searched for so far.

The Journeys search feature and new side panel join another feature that was recently added: Cards. This puts all your searched recipes together, as well as your shopping searches and recent Docs in Drive.

The Journeys feature and the side panel will start appearing in the Chrome OS Dev channel and may be brought to more platforms.

Read on to learn how Google is also going to allow you to combine images and text in your searches. Also brush up on how to use Google Search like a power user.

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