Looking for Google Sheets Calendar Templates? Try These 10 Options

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template Featured

Tired of printed calendars that you can’t really customize? Try a Google Sheet calendar template instead. You can choose from a large variety of purposes, customize colors, formats, and much more. Whether you need something to keep track of daily appointments or stay on top on your New Year’s resolutions, there’s a calendar template for you. All templates on this list are free to download and customize.

1. Google Sheets Monthly Calendar – Smartsheet

If you’re looking for a more traditional calendar, it’s hard to beat the Google Sheets Monthly Calendar from Smartsheet. It looks like your standard monthly wall calendar with large empty blocks to add notes on anything you want. What’s nice is that it’s simple and works for most any purpose. Sure, it’s minimal, but that also makes it easy to customize. If you don’t like the Portrait version linked above, try the Landscape version instead. You can also opt for Google’s own Annual Calendar template with a monthly layout.

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template Monthly


  • Simple monthly calendar
  • Each day has a large block for adding notes
  • Notes section at the bottom of each month


  • May be too simple for more advanced tracking
  • No weekly layouts for busier schedules

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2. Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly Planner – Medium

The Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly Planner from Gracia Kleijnen on Medium is a surprisingly well-laid-out calendar for tracking goals, daily tasks, meetings, and anything you could possibly think of. Using a small box at the bottom of each tab, you can easily add extra rows to better customize the calendar. Every week is laid out in a scrollable list in a single tab. You can even set and track goals by month or year. Despite it’s usefulness, it’s still a minimalistic Google Sheets calendar template.

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template Yearlyweeklymonthly


  • Track goals, important dates, milestones, and more by week, month, and year
  • Only four tabs to deal with
  • Set statuses using keyboard shortcuts
  • Simple color coding without distractions
  • Choose between a Sunday or Monday start format


  • The heading fonts can be difficult to see but can be changed
  • Weeks may blend together until you get used to the calendar

3. Multicolor Calendar Schedule – The GooDocs

Hate having to start over with a new calendar every year? The Multicolor Calendar Schedule from The GooDocs automatically adjusts using a drop-down list for years 2022-2030. This might be the last calendar template you need through 2030. Each week is laid out from 7 AM to 9:30 PM in 30-minute increments. It’s perfect for businesses, working from home, goal tracking, school activities, homework, and anything else where you have to track hour by hour.

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template Multicolor


  • Week dates automatically adjust to the year
  • Simply expand the desired week to use it
  • Easily customize colors, fonts, times, etc.
  • Ideal for busy schedules


  • Borders between dates would be nice, but can easily be added

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4. Budget Calendar – Smartsheet

Need something to help keep your finances in order? Try the Budget Calendar by Smartsheet. Use this template to set budget goals and track how you compare month by month. With separate sections for income and expenses, it’s easy to track what’s coming in and out. This means it also works well for personal use, freelancers, and small businesses. It’s simple, yet an effective way to see budget trends. If you need more budgeting templates, try our list of Google Sheets budgeting templates.

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template Budget


  • Overview, income, and expense sections
  • Everything’s on one sheet
  • Customize categories as needed


  • No weekly or daily tracking but can copy and paste monthly and create your own weekly tab
  • Font is really small, and zooming in hides parts of the sheet

5. Daily Planner – Smartsheet

For those with the most hectic schedules, only the Daily Planner from Smartsheet will do. This works as either a daily calendar or planner. Track anything and everything going on in 15-minute increments from 7 AM through 11 PM. One feature that really impresses is that all you have to do is set your start date on the first tab, and the dates automatically generate for the rest of the week. Students, parents, businesses, and anyone tracking projects/goals will find this template useful.

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template Daily


  • Change your Monday start date to generate week dates
  • Each day has its own tab, except the weekend
  • Breakdown your day in 15 minute sections
  • Notes and Tasks sections


  • Only gives you one week at a time

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6. 2023 Calendar – You Exec

If you need a Google Sheets calendar template with simple lined layout, the 2023 Calendar from You Exec has you covered. The free version of this template is rather basic, but it’s a monthly calendar layout with lines for each day to take notes or list important events. There’s also a handy notes section. While it’s just grayscale, you can easily customize the colors.

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template 2023


  • Simple standard calendar layout
  • Lines to list tasks, events, etc.
  • Each month has its own tab


  • Helpful extras like a task list, charts, color coding, and checklists are only in the premium version (access all resources on You Exec starting at $20/month)

7. Project Plan Template – eFinancialModels

If you’re tracking goals, projects, or even planning events, you may need a more complex calendar like the Project Plan Template from eFinancialModels. It’s a highly detailed sheet that tracks projects by task, day, and month. With conditional formatting and automatic calculations, it’s easier to see if you’re staying on track or falling behind. Plus, it’s easy to customize the sheet for your project. The Instructions tab is a nice touch to better understand the template.

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template Project


  • Dates automatically adjust once you fill out the very first date under Month 1 and your Start/End dates
  • Create a nearly unlimited number of tasks
  • Set the calendar dates for as long or short as your project needs
  • Assign team members to tasks


  • Template comes with a learning curve
  • With so much on one sheet, it feels a bit cluttered

8. Editorial Calendar Template – Smartsheet

If you’re a content creator, you need an Editorial Calendar template. Smartsheet’s template gives you a yearly and monthly overview. Everything’s nicely color coded to make it easier to use. While the calendar is just on two sheets, you also get an Archive and Brainstorming sheets to help keep track of past content. Based on the layout, this calendar could easily be customized for social media posting, goal tracking, and managing a website.

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template Editorial


  • Color-coded sections
  • Links to each month on the monthly overviews
  • Worksheets to track past content and plan out new content
  • A notes section for each month in the yearly overview


  • Yearly overview requires scrolling horizontally and vertically to find everything

9. Habit Tracker – Hello Metrics

If you’ve set multiple goals or resolutions to help change your habits, it’s not always easy to keep track of them. The Habit Tracker from Hello Metrics is an easy-to-use Google Sheets calendar template that lets you track as many habits as you want. What’s unique is that you can customize which days of the week you want to do your habit, such as just going for a run on Saturdays. Track habits one month at a time and easily add more tabs to create a yearly calendar.

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template Habit


  • Track numerous habits or just a few
  • Add checkboxes just on the days you plan to do your habit, such as every day, just weekends, or a few days per week
  • Quick row add button at the bottom of each tab
  • Includes overall progress chart


  • You’ll need to manually enter the month/year for each tab you create

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10. Bullet Journal Calendar – Vertex42

If you love bullet journaling, try the Bullet Journal Calendar template from Vertex42. While it’s an Excel template, all you have to do is upload it to Google Sheets after downloading, and it works perfectly. Just like a paper bullet journal, you have multiple sheets (tabs). Plan for six months at time, along with having detailed weekly and monthly overviews. My favorite feature is the date changer to the right of each tab to automatically generate dates on the rest of the tab.

Looking For A Google Sheet Calendar Template Bullet


  • Track anything you want for the year
  • Each week features a to-do list, goals, and daily lists
  • Each month includes a bullet section, tasks, and a calendar for that month


  • Yearly overview is only six months at a time
  • Only available in Excel format and needs to be converted (Google does this automatically)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create printed calendars from Google Sheets?

Yes. Customize your calendar, then print it page by page. Make sure you use the print preview to ensure everything fits on the page the way you want it to.

Can I use these templates in my business?

All of the templates above are for personal use. However, employees and business owners are welcome to use them as long as they’re not selling them. Copyright information must be included in the template as well.

Why can't I edit the template?

Most sites provide a link to the master template. To use a Google Sheets calendar template, go to “File -> Make a Copy” to create your own version. You won’t be able to edit it until then. Do not request file access to a template, as they owner will not grant it. You must make a copy of the original, then can name it anything you want and edit it however you need to.

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