How Do You Feel About the Google Shared Endorsements Policy? [Poll]

Sometimes we do it without even thinking of any repercussions. We browse the Internet leaving our thoughts and feelings in different capacities. It can be a review here, a download there, or even a quick comment. With the new Google Shared Endorsements policy, we’re going to be forced into thinking about it, bringing us to ask how you feel about the new policy and what actions will you take?

Google recently announced that starting in November they will begin what they are calling Shared Endorsements. We’re already used to seeing ads all over the place on Google. Every time we do a search it has sponsored ads. But now attached to those ads will be the thoughts of you and your friends, accompanied by names and photos.

Despite the fact that you will have the option of opting out of being included in the Google Endorsements, it’s still making some people uncomfortable. For one thing, you don’t opt in, but opt out. You will have to go to the settings in Google+ to turn it off. For another, when you originally wrote that review, commented on the YouTube video, or +1ed a great discovery, you weren’t planning on it showing up in an ad. Yet you did leave your thoughts on the Internet, so you were okay with it being published to some extent.

How do you feel about the new Google Endorsements policy and what do you plan to do?

Here are the results of last week’s poll:


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