Ditch Popular Google Services with These Awesome Services

Many Google apps and services stay at the top of the list with no head-to-head competitors. Even though most people do prefer Google services, there are still many people who are looking for better alternatives. Privacy is one of the biggest concerns here as Google mines a lot of data about its users.

If you are not comfortable with the breach of privacy that comes with Google services, then there are some good alternatives to the most popular ones. In this post we will list the best alternatives to some of the popular Google services.

Google Search Alternatives


Let’s start with the most prominent Google service; Google Search. Google Search is definitely the king when it comes offering the best results, but there are some good alternatives as well. Bing and Yahoo are the two search engines that come to mind after Google Search. However, there is another emerging search engine that also respects your privacy; DuckDuckGo. There are many reasons why you should use DuckDuckGo, and no tracking is one of the main reasons.

DuckDuckGo never tracks your searches or stores any personal identification information about you, making it perfect for privacy conscious people who are tired of Google’s privacy invasion. DuckDuckGo can also do many things that not even Google Search can do, and its search results may even be better than Google Search in many situations (at least for some people). If you are looking for a reliable Google Search alternative that also respects your privacy, then there is no better option than DuckDuckGo.

YouTube Alternatives


No doubt YouTube delivers the lion’s share in the video sharing market, but there are still many contenders trying to get their share. Dailymotion is a free alternative for both watching and uploading videos. It lists videos by categories, and there are daily staff picks to feast your eyes on. With over 110 million unique visitors, Dailymotion is also a great place to upload videos and get noticed.

Vimeo is also a good place to drop by if you are looking for videos from professionals with the least trolls. Vimeo is a paid video sharing service where the video creators are only allowed to upload 500 MB of videos per week for free. You will have to go for paid subscriptions to get 5GB and 20GB upload limits. This paid system leads to attracting professionals who care about their video creation carrier, not like YouTube where anyone can upload videos of their dog rolling around with copyrighted Chamillionaire’s song “Ridin” playing in the background.

Gmail Alternatives


Yahoo Mail and Outlook are great email services if you want to jump ship from Gmail, but there are others as well. GMX is a simple email service that offers unlimited email storage and an attachment size up to 50MB. Additionally, you can easily forward all your email account data on other email services to GMX to make the switch easier.

If you don’t mind paying for your email service, then FastMail is an option as well. FastMail offers a professional interface with a promise of no tracking and no ads. You can also use your own domain with the standard package costing $5/month. Overall, FastMail is best for businesses looking to host employee email accounts.

Of course, we have an alternative for our privacy-concerned friends as well. Tutanota is an open source email service that offers encrypted email. All your data and activity inside your email account is encrypted, and you can also send encrypted emails. It is free for personal use, but if you want to use it for business, then you will have to upgrade to the pro version offering business-related features.

Google Docs/Sheets/Slides Alternatives


There are many online office tools available, but a head-to-head competitor of Google’s office tools is Office online by Microsoft. If you are already a user of Microsoft’s office products on your PC, then switching to Office online will be a better decision than Google’s office tools.

It offers all the basic to average features of Google office tools with some unique advanced features. It has OneNote built right into it, and its “Tell Me” feature lets you ask questions to document how to do something (perfect for beginners). Another good reason to go for Office online is that it uses OneDrive as storage; if you are a OneDrive user, then it will be a better option for you.

Zoho is also an option if you don’t want to get stuck in Google or Microsoft’s circle. It offers reliable features and arguably better collaboration features and control over the content than Google or Microsoft’s offerings. However, some of the features are only available in paid subscriptions.

Google Maps Alternatives


I have already written an article on the best Google Maps alternatives and listed some good choices there, but if I have to choose a single reliable option then it would be Here. It offers similar features as Google Maps with the ability to download a map of a whole country for offline navigation. Its traffic and road condition information is also better and uses multiple resources to fetch information.

MapQuest is also an option that integrates well with third-party apps and services to offer different features in one place.

Time To Ditch Google Services

The above alternatives should give you enough features to jump ship from Google services without missing too much. We have only covered the most popular Google services here, although there are hundreds of other Google services and apps and some of them are quite popular as well. If you know good alternatives to any other popular Google service, do share with us in the comments.


  1. maybe they are alternatives, but honestly, not half as good as google products

  2. I tried both the map alternatives specifically mentioned, and both are lacking. Rural roads and whole lakes are missing entirely. I’d love to find a good alternative to Google Maps, but so far the alternatives have come up well short.

  3. I like your alternatives. Don’t use Google Maps often, and find when I do they have addresses on the opposite side of the road and some times several hundred feet off (thousands of feet off on residential) on location.
    I am curious why you did not include Open Office as an alternative Office Suite. I is great. I’ve been using it for years.

    1. Yes Open Office is a really good open-source alternative as well, arguably better than my recommendations.

      1. Better make that Libre Office. Apache is going to pull the plug on Open Office because they do not have enough staff to keep updating it to keep up with other office suites.

  4. Oh please. EVERYONE is mining data. Demographic based advertising – it’s what allows companies to provide all these neat services for free. Do you seriously think Micro$oft, Yahoo, etc. are NOT collecting data? *rolling eyes*

    1. Sure. But there is a world of difference to collecting data and Google’s wholesale mining of data.

      And why is it that Google maps, every new iteration, becomes more and more unusable. Megafugly it is these days.

      1. “But there is a world of difference to collecting data and Google’s wholesale mining of data.”
        Don’t be naive. What do you think companies do with the data once they have collected it? They MINE IT! Of what possible use can collected data be if you don’t slice it, dice it, analyze it, then use it for your nefarious purposes or sell it to the highest bidder??? Data is MONEY.

  5. People are blind when it comes to free services. Someone has to pay for the suggested free alternatives, and rest assured it will be the user. So maybe, just maybe these free alternatives do not data mine right know…but when the number of users grow they will (no company says no to more money). And when it comes down to safety it is better to use one provider with a good track record on security than to spread your data between several alternatives with no track record at all or a doubtful one when it comes to security.

    1. Well, that’d rule MickeySoft out then wouldn’t it? And yes I know they are not, predominantly, a provider of free stuff.

  6. https://www.startpage.com/ deserves more recognition alongside duckduckgo. In fact, I think they should always be mentioned together for the way they both handle privacy issues and provide (generally speaking), pretty good results. It also lets the reader know that there isn’t just a single entity ‘fighting the good fight’ re: data-mining but many technically affluent groups working toward similar goals.

    I want to use DDG but do not like the view of the results page (bold black links over normal black summary). It’s hard to focus. Startpage gives me a better visual (similar to google, yahoo, etc) on the search results page.

    1. Startpage just uses “Google custom search” to offer search results and removes all the tracking from your searches (many other private search engines do the same). On the other hand, DDG has its own system of doing things with unique features and different design. DDG isn’t trying to copy anyone.
      Of course if you want something private and similar to Google Search, then Startpage is a good option. I have used it before and also recommend it when needed.

  7. ProtonMail (Protonmail.com) is another mail alternative offering encryption, like Tutanota. It’s also easier to remember and spell then Tutanota.

    1. Your last sentence does make a solid point. Still haven’t been able to spell “Tutanote” (and yes, I peaked at your spelling while writing this comment).

      1. ohh, misspelled even after peaking. lol

        1. Oh dear, your peaking instead of peeking has left me, well, piqued. Now watch as I pick me up off the floor.

          1. Dang! I really need to stop commenting in hurry (triple checking this line…).

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