How to Use Google Reply in Android to Simplify and Automate Messaging

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The Google Reply app is bringing AI to everyday messaging. Designed to make sending messages easier through messaging apps such as Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, and Twitter DM, Reply improves on other autoresponders by linking to your Google Account for intelligence and personalization.

How Google Reply Makes Messaging Easier

When you receive a message in one of your messaging apps, Reply formulates and displays appropriate replies that you can send with just a tap of the screen. You won’t even need to open the app to respond. Simply tap the answer you want to send from the notifications screen.


Reply also has autoresponders that can send a message to someone without you even touching your phone. It has a vacation responder that you can link to your calendar to let people know that you are not available. For example, when someone asks if you are working today, the app will send them a message telling them that according to your calendar, you don’t seem to be working that day.


Another autoresponder lets the person who sent the message know that you are in a vehicle and not available for texting.

The Google Reply app even makes it possible for someone to get ahold of you in an emergency even if you are driving. If you are unavailable because you are in a car, Google Reply alerts you to urgent messages with a loud signal.


Note: Any message that is sent by the autoresponder will have a robot icon next to it. The robot is there to show that you did not personally send that message.

Another feature of Google Reply is that it can detect how long it would take you to get somewhere. When someone texts and asks you where you are, the app can determine how long it would take you to get to where they are. It then generates it as a response to the text so you can tap it to send that information.


How to Set Up and Use Google Reply

Of course, your first step is to download the app. As of this writing, it is not yet available in the Google Play Store. If it is not there when you attempt to download it, you can download it from APK Mirror.

Sign into Google and give Reply access to your notifications.


Set up the autoresponders you want to use.


Next, set up the options you want for your automatic responses which indicate that you are not available. You can use these to let people know what you are doing. Then they will know not to expect a reply right away.


Some of these options are not available right now, but if you click on one of those, it will let the company know that you would be interested in that particular reply. This information goes to Google, and they may add it to the final release or future updates.

Completing these steps will get you started on Reply. You can also add your home and work address to make your location information available for the robot.


Google Reply will save you a lot of effort when it comes to messaging. This is especially true for quick exchanges like making plans or asking where someone is. Its quick responses and “do not disturb” settings work across most messaging apps, including some from rival companies. This universality makes Reply a useful app for all aspects of your life from personal to work.

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Tracey Rosenberger

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