Without Google Reader, What Will You Use as an Alternative? [Poll]

Google announced this past March that it was closing down its longtime news aggregator service Google Reader. While some users of the service took it with a grain of salt, others took it rather hard, not knowing where to turn for an alternative.

Many people were scurrying around the past few months exporting all their feeds from Google Reader to add them to an alternative. With Reader closing down July 1, most likely you have already decided which service will be earning your business. Let us know in the poll below – without Google Reader, which alternative RSS reader are you using?

Here are the results of last week’s poll:


Your thoughts are clear on this issue. More than three-quarters of those answering the poll feel that yes, we should be concerned with the NSA and our privacy. They don’t want anyone tracking what they are doing online. Fifteen percent are unbothered, while the small remainder chose Other.

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  1. I wanted to setup Tiny Tiny RSS (to progressively host and control my own data, and free myself from companies such as Google that can close anything at anytime) but it is not complete, so I’m using Feedly meanwhile.

  2. G2reader, very simple, clean, and with all the important features needed. Sort by oldest and even the ability to sort starred items!

  3. Feedly for now, but I’m shopping around to see if I find something I like better.

  4. I’m using news blur. It’s have many premium features and clean. You can also import old data from G. Reader

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