Google Play Protect: Android’s New Security System Explained

With so many viruses and other dangers out there, it’s not unusual that users look for ways to protect themselves. You may already have an app to prevent your Android device from getting infected, but Google has a little something extra for you.

Google has a new app that claims to keep your device safe from malware and other dangers. It’s called Google Play Protect, and it will monitor your device continuously so that you don’t have to.

What Is Google Play Protect?

Plain and simple: it’s a new feature that replaces Google’s Verify Apps feature. It scans your Android device automatically and gives you detailed information about the scans. There’s no need to install anything since it already forms part of Google Play.

It’s another security package that will help keep your Android device running smoothly and keep your information safe. It’s a feature that will integrate into every Android device as it rolls out.

How Google Play Protect Works

It’s always running to protect your phone from malware and updates automatically. Thanks to machine learning, Google Play Protect can scan through 50 million apps a day for malware.

You can access Play Protect by going to “Settings -> Google -> Security- > Google Play Protect” on your phone.


The feature doesn’t limit itself to only scanning apps from Google Play before you download them. It can also scan apps downloaded from another source as well.

If Play Protect detects that an app is misbehaving, it will either disable it or warn you about the app. You can also see how many apps were scanned and if all is good, you should see a green checkmark.

New Find My Device

Google has also implemented the Find My Device feature that replaces Android Device Manager with an overdue redesign. It allows Android users to quickly erase, ring, locate and even display a message for whoever finds it.


It’s also an excellent way to find your phone if you know it’s at home somewhere. Instead of asking a family member to call, you can use this feature to find your device. You can also see any other Android devices linked to the account you signed in with.

It also shows a new battery, last known location, and there is a WiFi indicator as well. This is a much-needed update compared to the Android Device Manager that was first launched in 2013. Android users finally have a tool that is up to date.

Safe Browsing

Play Protect also features Safe Browsing that will prevent you from landing on dangerous sites. The site you’re trying to access is checked against Google’s list of unsafe sites that is always up to date. You’ll know if the site is safe before you tap on the link.


Google Play Protect is something that Android users were in desperate need of. It’s finally here with the design and features that will make it easier to keep your devices safe. What are your thoughts on Play Protect? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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  1. Let’s be honest here… every single (legitimate) app you download from the Play Store has the potential to cause serious damage to the user regardless of what this new service does. It’s in the very DNA of the Android Operating System. Surveillance, tracking, unfettered network access, data collection, data-sharing, transmission of personal data to anywhere in the world, what apps you’re using/how often, contact info, pseudo-keyloggers…

    Google’s new malware scanner named “Play Protect” for marketing purpose is a like throwing a cup of water into a burning building. The problem is that Google never expected that App Developers would be doing the same exact things they are in terms of violating the trust of users. Turns out, regular developers (not all of them) can be just as evil as Google (and the rest of our two-faced tech overlords).

    1. At least we had a choice as to what apps we downloaded. This Google App downloaded without my knowledge & nearly messed my phone up as it detected my Bluetooth as a Dangerous App’.
      You’re so correct saying Google is totally hypocritical

  2. > Play Protect also features Safe Browsing that will prevent you from landing on dangerous sites.

    Maybe they will include blacklisting sites they simply dislike or for self-serving political gains. No… Google would never do anything like that…

  3. You can access Play Protect by going to “Settings -> Google -> Security- > Google Play Protect” on your phone.

    Not as far as I can tell. What “Settings” are you describing ‘cos I can’t find this menu route anywhere on my LG G4 (LG-H815).

    1. Reply to self.

      Next time try scrolling down the side menu PAST “Account and security” to actual “Security”. Dumb ass.

  4. It’s got a problem. It detects my Bluetooth as a’ Dangerous App’ . If you do as advised & disable app it stops your ability to use Bluetooth. I had to reset my phone in order for it to work again.

    I know it sounds dumb, but I’m no tech expert & trusted this Google Protect. It’s obviously flawed & also it’s just downloaded without telling me, during an update. This is underhanded by Google.
    Perhaps someone from Google could explain the constant’ Dangerous App’ message coming up regarding my Bluetooth?

  5. the only thing that downloads is find my phone. It says all things it will do, but how? I have a lg g4 thru us cellular.

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