Get Google Pixel 3 For Cheap Now that Pixel 4 Is Here

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If you are not aware, Google launched their latest phones, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 X, which come with great cameras, facial recognition and motion sense. This also means it is the best time to get the older Pixel 3 for cheap since it is now having a massive discount.

Even with the launch of Pixel 4, the Pixel 3 phone is still a very capable phone and with very good cameras. It also has a great screen, excellent hardware performance and is receiving the latest update directly from Google. Unlike Pixel 4, which removed the fingerprint scanner, you still can find it on Pixel 3.

Pixel 3 is now selling for $460 on Amazon, a 42% discount from its usual $799 price tag. The bigger Pixel 3 XL is selling for $550, a 39% discount off its usual $899 price.

There is limited stock, and it is unlikely Google will produce them anymore. Get them while they last!

Get Pixel 3 on Amazon

Get Pixel 3 XL on Amazon

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