Google Photos “For You” Tab Smartly Organizes Your Photo and Video Collections

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Recently, Google has improved Google Photos with AI and machine-learning capabilities in the form the dedicated tab “For You.” Previously known as Google Photos Assistant, “For You” has many smart features to organize your photo and video collections. As a matter of fact, you may have already run into its advanced algorithms while browsing through your albums or archives.

This is a detailed guide for using Google Photos “For You” tab to organize your pictures, movies, collages, and much more. From creating elegant presentations to editing the photo and video files, you shouldn’t miss out on this dynamic multi-purpose tool.

Locating the For You Tab

The “For You” tab is very prominently displayed on both the desktop and mobile versions of Google Photos. The AI features include automatic compilation of albums, stylized photos, nostalgia in the form of memories, collages, movies, and much more.

Google Photos For You Feature Location

For You’s mobile tab is available with the updated Android and iOS apps of Google Photos.

Google Photos For You Feature Location Mobile 1

1. Creating Albums

The most important use of For You is to neatly organize your photo albums. If, like me, you have many unrelated photos that have been accumulating for years, it can become tedious to locate them on the timeline. It is better to organize the collections.

For You photo albums work like your conventional photo albums, except the same pictures can be stored in multiple albums. Click “Create new album” in the homepage to get started with a picture.

Google Photos For You Create Album First Page

You might want to choose “select people & pets” if you have a lot of common face pictures. Every time you add pictures of the significant people in your life, For You will auto-update the album. Any new photos containing their faces will be automatically be added to the album you just created.

The easiest way to choose album photos around a topic is to enter the keyword in the search suggestion box. The AI tool can easily scan your pictures collection to list suggestions for that keyword.

Google Photos For You Create Album By Topic

It takes just a few seconds to update the album. The changes will automatically be reflected on all your devices.

Google Photos For You Created Album Display Mobile Device

2. Building a Collage

Apart from creating albums, you may want to build a collage for easier navigation of your memories and to share them in social media. Again, selecting pictures for a collage only requires a definite keyword for the AI engine. Otherwise, you can always choose the images chronologically.

Google Photos For You Collage Creation

The final outcome of the Google Photos For You collage feature is rather elegant. The pictures will neatly come together to provide a kaleidoscope of memories.

Google Photos For You Collage Created

3. Creating Movies

With For You presently, you can only create new movies on mobile and tablets. However, if you want to create a preformatted movie built on a common theme, the Desktop option is available.

Google Photos For You Create New Movie

You can select up to 50 photos or videos to design your movie.

Google Photos For You Create New Movie Select Items

Once the pictures and videos come together, you will find them arranged in the form of movie scenes. You can lengthen or reduce the time of exposure for a particular scene. It feels like a crude movie editor, although there may be more advanced editing features on the roadmap.

“Save” the movie to view it later.

Google Photos For You Download Clips

4. Creating Animations

Creating animations with For You is somewhat similar to movies, except the final outcome will be in the form of GIF files. As with the above options, you can have common keywords to organize the animation sequence.

Google Photos For You Animation Images

Once the animation is ready, it will be saved on your phone. You can readily use it as a wallpaper.

Google Photos For You Animation Storage In Phone

The animation can also be exported as a new album.

Google Photos For You Animation New Album

5. Moving Albums to Archives

If you have any older photos, documents, or uninteresting items you don’t want to see in the Photos storage (it consumes memory), then For You allows you to move them to the Google Photos Archives.

Whether you’re using Google Photos to store distant memories or create a powerful visual presentation, the For You tab is the best option for effective results. Don’t forget to back up your Google Photos to your computer so you can view it locally on your computer.

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