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You may get a few business newsletters in your email inbox. Some you signed up for, while others are involuntary with a small unsubscribe link at the bottom. What if the process to publish newsletters was easier, to the point individuals could easily send them out? Google may be wondering this very thing, as it is experimenting with Museletter – an option that would allow journalists and others to send newsletters via Google Docs.

Google Develops Museletter Platform

Google’s Area 120, an internal research and development division, has been working on the Museletter project. This would allow a creator to publish any Google Drive file. Particularly, a Google Doc could be published and pushed out to an email list or to a public profile on Museletter.

Not that Google is the only company experimenting with such a platform – Twitter acquired the Revue newsletter platform early this year. It, of course, makes it easier for Twitter users to send newsletters to their followers.

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Google isn’t talking about its plan for newsletters with Museletter. An Area 120 spokesperson would only say Museletter is “one of the many experiments” in development and that “it’s still very early.”

How Museletter Newsletters Could Work

Without much to go on, we’re left to surmise how it would be possible to create and send newsletters through Museletter using Google Docs.

The Museletter website explains the platform could be used to monetize Google Drive content. While the obvious connection would be to send written content from Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides could be utilized in this way as well.

If you wanted to send out a newsletter of the content you’ve been working on, you would create a public profile on Google Drive, then simply publish the Google Drive file to it. Of course, there would likely be a way to share a link to social media profiles as well. The public profile on Museletter would lead to some sort of dashboard that would show subscriptions, analytics, and individual files shared publicly.

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Email lists could be used to share Google Drive content via Museletter newsletters as well. This could be where you would monetize the newsletter. Museletter, though, would be free to use for creators.

Why would Google allow you to publish Museletter newsletters for free? Because it could sell premium features, such as custom domains. it could also be a great spot for Google’s favorite moneymaker: ads.

When you will be able to use Museletter to send newsletters has not been divulged by Google. There is an option on the Museletter website to request early access.

Does this have your creative juices flowing? You’re probably not the only one. Maybe this could also be a way to compete with Medium. With tools like these, there would be less of a reason for journalists to create their own website just to find readers for their content. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

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