4 of the Best Google Maps Alternatives You Should Try

Google Maps is one the most popular maps and navigation services. Some might even think that it is the only mapping service. However, there are many other mapping services that might not be as good as Google Maps, but they do offer unique features that Google Maps lacks.

Google Maps does offer almost all the required features for an average user, but it still lacks key features like multi-stop navigation, complete offline maps, accident reports, local weather updates and more. Furthermore, due to some countries’ regulations (like China), Google Maps service may not be available in those areas. If you are looking for Google Maps alternatives, here are some of the best picks.


Here is a Mapping service offered by Nokia that has enough potential to go head-to-head against Google Maps. It supports over 200 countries and provides all basic features like navigation, places to visit and detailed routes. What makes Here a good mapping service is its up-to-date traffic and road condition information.

Here offers current route conditions using different information like police reports, cameras, Twitter feeds, construction sites, speed cameras and other data to keep you informed and provide a faster route if required. Its offline maps support is also amazing with the ability to archive a whole continent and get step-by-step navigation even while offline.

Like Google Maps, it also offers nearest places to visit, indoor maps, satellite view, public transit and many other common features. However, it is a bit slower to navigate as compared to Google Maps, but its features are worth trying.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, and Web


Waze is actually a community-driven map service that is fast to navigate and very intuitive. It has been acquired by Google, and even though you may see some of its features in Google Map, the actual service is still working. Apart from basic routes and navigation features, it offers up-to-date information about route conditions using information provided by other Waze users.

You can get information about cheapest gas stations near you, under-constructions sites, accidents, speed cameras, police and other information that is updated by millions of other waze users. You can also see other Waze users’ and even your friends’ locations in real-time. It is definitely not as feature-rich as Here or Google Maps, but its community driven updates will please many users.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Web


Navmii is a feature-rich maps and navigation service that is serving over eighty-five countries. It offers all the basic features such as turn-by-turn navigation, bookmarking, nearest locations search and satellite view, etc. Just like other map services that are trying to gran Google Maps users by providing better route condition information, Navmii also focuses on updated information.

It provides alerts like speed limits, traffic, speed cameras, construction sites, slow-downs and much more. All this gets even better with community-driven updates from other Navmii users. Navmii also partners with Foursquare, TripAdvisor and What3Words to provide customized searches. Its other features include Google Street View, ETA indicator, Automatic rerouting, HD maps, and full offline navigation support.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry


MapQuest is another great Google Maps alternative, especially if you use public transportation for commuting. It will let you compare local transportation services for your route like Uber or car2go and also book cars right from the app. It will also provide quick updates about all local transportation options near you. If you like walking to different places, it will show you how many calories you will burn.

Its advanced features include automatic re-routing, real-time traffic conditions, ETA, the ability to detect cameras/accidents/construction sites/slow downs, location sharing, weather reports and roadside assistance. It also has some basic features of Google Maps like turn-by-turn navigation, bookmarking, best route, satellite view and nearby locations to visit, etc.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Most of the above mentioned apps focus on providing the most up-to-date information about your local area. This is something Google Maps lacks, so one of these Google Maps alternatives might be a better choice if you like to know what is coming ahead. Try them out and let us know in the comments which one you like.