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Artificial Intelligence is the hottest development in technology at the moment, with plenty of companies integrating some form of it into their products and services. ChatGPT from OpenAI is the most popular option, and even Microsoft uses its own version in the Edge browser. However, Google hasn’t been that successful, as its Bard AI was recently shut down due to some “unexpected” user interaction. But Google is far from done with AI, if the upcoming I/O Conference is anything to go by.

Somewhat scary: Google’s “Godfather of AI” warns that AI can cause serious harm, and there’s little we can do about it.

Following the Trend

Google has for some time integrated AI into many of its products. Most recently, it added the ability to get better and more contextualized results in Search through a Chrome extension. However, it seems that Google is making a much bigger push in the future, as the overarching theme of its annual I/O Conference will focus on AI.

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While Google hasn’t announced anything yet, a report claims that it will announce a series of generative AI updates, with the highlight being a general-use large language model (LLM). Internal documents reveal the launch of PaLM 2, its rival to ChatGPT, which can perform actions in 100 languages and solve complex math and coding problems.

There is also a significant push from Google, with AI “helping people reach their full potential” rather than being seen as a novelty technology. There are no details on what is planned for the next version of Bard and integration with Google Chrome, but “generative experiences” are definitely high on the agenda.

PaLM 2 may be for general use, but Google has several other AI models tailored for specific uses. Most notable is Med-PaLM 2, which the company said last month could answer complex medical questions at an “expert doctor level” with 85 percent accuracy.

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