Do Google’s Array of Instant Messaging Apps Serve Any Purpose? [Poll]


Anyone who delves into technology knows that Google has their footprint all over. They’re the typical “Jack of all trades,” though they are not a master of none. They are at least a master of some (say search engine), but are they a master of instant messaging?

Previously Google had two instant messaging apps: Hangout and Google+ Messenger. Now they’ve added on three more: Space, Allo, and Duo. Do Google’s array of instant messaging apps serve any purpose?

To decide this we need to examine all five apps.

  • Google Hangouts is for messaging friends, sending video or voice calls, and even participating in group calls.
  • Google+ is more for connecting with people who share the same interests as you and for organizing content.
  • Google Spaces allows you to create different spaces for different groups of people so that your conversations are more topic-centered.
  • Google Allo connects you to people via your phone number. It uses different sizes of type to allow you to shout or talk softly.
  • Google Duo allows you to make one-on-one video calls.

But the question remains, are all of these apps needed or was Google instant messaging just fine with Hangouts and Google+? Were all the bases not covered with just the original two apps? Are all the bases covered now?

Do Google’s array of instant messaging apps serve any purpose?

Image Credit: Google

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