Google Earth for the iPhone Reviewed

Google Earth’s ability to take a satellite camera and zoom down to practically any country, city or street in the world arguably made the common atlas obsolete overnight.  Previously only available as a desktop application, you can now carry around Google Earth in your pocket!  The iPhone/iPod touch iteration of this app is absolutely free, and serves up most of the functionality which we have grown to love with the desktop version.

It takes advantage of the iPhone’s hardware capabilities using a pinch and slide interface for zooming in and out, as well as the accelerometer for tilting terrain in 3D.  Not only that – you can also check click on Panoramio and Wikipedia entries which are embedded in relevant locations within the map so you can check out photos and learn more about the area which you’re viewing.  All in all, this app is a MUST have for anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Check out the following video for more details.

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