The Google Chrome Extension Manager Lets You Manage Extensions with Ease

While Google Chrome has numerous applications, managing them can be a tedious process. Some of them appear on the right side of the address bar while other can only be accessed from the extension library. What if you could manage all of your apps at one single place? This is where the Google Chrome Extension Manager steps in.

Key Features of the Google Chrome Extension Manager

  • Gives you quick access to Google Chrome functionalities without accessing the menu options
  • Enables to remove or disable unwanted apps with just a few clicks
  • Allows you to select or close opened tabs

Google Chrome Extension Manager – An Ideal Way Manage Your Extensions?

The main function of the Google Chrome Extension Manager is to facilitate the process of managing your installed extensions. The problem is that not all extensions you downloaded have shortcut icons near the address bar. If you want to remove or disable a particular app, you would have to do so by accessing the extension library. This extension solves that problem by allowing you to do this with just a few clicks. In fact, this extension even allows you to close or select opened tabs while managing your extensions.

How to Use the Google Chrome Extension Manager?

The Google Chrome Extension Manger is a relatively simple app to use. Once it is downloaded, you can immediately starting managing your extensions. After downloading the Google Extension Manager, you will see its icon next to the address bar.


Click the icon and then click the “Extensions and Apps” drop-down menu. You will then have the option to disable or uninstall certain apps.


To switch or close tabs, click “Tabs (or pages),” and then select the tab you want to close or switch to.


That’s it – that’s all this app does. Albeit these functions seem simple, they could end up saving you a lot of time and possibly ameliorate your Chrome experience.

Is Google Chrome Extension Manager Worth Trying?

The Google Chrome Web store is filled with many entertaining and intuitive apps. if you are someone that constantly downloads new apps and extensions, Google Chrome Extension Manager may be worth your time. The more apps you download, the more memory Chrome uses up.

By using this app, you can quickly keep track of the number of apps you have installed on your browser. You will also be able to pinpoint apps that are rarely used, and then get rid of them immediately. However if you are someone that occasionally downloads new extensions, this app may not be necessary. Overall, this app effectively does what it promises to do. It is simple, lightweight, and gets the job done!

Chrome Extension Manager

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