Take Full Advantage of Google Calendar’s New Goals Feature


Google Calendar has launched a feature that they have decided to call “Goals” or “Objectives.” It’s a group of functions for people to dedicate time to personal goals that they have set, accompanied by a smart assistant that will keep them interested in each activity.

You will finally be able to retake those guitar classes you left behind or retake those French classes you also abandoned. Google Calendar adjusts the time of each activity so you can do them yet not forget about other things you already have saved on your calendar.

The app will need to know how often you want to do a particular activity and what time is good for you, and it will then find the best time slot for you in your agenda. If you couldn’t make it to your French class, Google Calendar will find another free space in your schedule. These are features that we should not ignore since it’s giving us the opportunity to finally go outside and get some exercise and no longer be able to say, “I don’t have any time.”

How to Create a Goal

Creating a goal is as easy as creating an event as you normally would. Once you tap on the option and decide what category your goal falls into, Calendar asks you a few questions about your goal. For example, it asks you how often you want to realize your goal, and you can choose between once, twice, three, five times a day. You can always program your goal as an everyday thing as well.


You will also be asked how much time you want to spend on your goal, and you can choose between fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, one hour or two hours. Finally, you will need to decide the best time for your new goal, and you can choose between Morning, Afternoon, Evening or anytime. What if you don’t have time for a goal when it pops up? Not a problem, as you can just defer it, and Google Calendar will find a better time in your schedule for it. You already have too many things to worry about.


Google Calendar will also keep track of how often you put off a goal and how often you complete them. If Calendar notices that you have a tendency of achieving a goal in the morning, even if you usually set it for the afternoon, the next time you defer it, it will find a spot in the morning for it.

Creating Multiple Goals

You can also set up multiple goals without worrying about then getting in the way of each other. Google Calendar will also give priority to more active goals such as exercising than over goals such as reading a book. If you were to choose a goal that is not very specific, such as learning to code, Goals will offer options to you to be more specific. For example, if you choose “make art,” you will be asked what type and can choose between making clay molds and drawing stick figures.


Goals are divided into sections such as:

  • Exercise – Work out, run, walk, do yoga, and if you tap on “custom” you can choose between a large variety of sports including wiggle ears, I kid you not. Looks like wiggling your ears is considered a sport by Google. If you are practicing a sport that is not on the list, you can use the search tool to look up the sport you will be practicing
  • Build a Skill – Learn a language, learn to code,  practice an instrument (will ask you what type and even includes air guitar as an option), make art and ç ustom. I thought it was funny that in custom, learning to fly was a skill
  • Family and Friends – Reach out to a friend, eat with family, call Mom, call Dad and custom
  • Me Time – Read, meditate, personal hobby, and custom
  • Organize My Life – Plan the day, clean, do chores and custom


Google Calendar offers us everything we need to stay on track and it’s up to us to take advantage of it. How do you organize your life? Let us know in the comments.

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