7 Useful Chrome Extensions to Improve Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most popular calendars out there. Despite its popularity, there are some areas where it can improve. By adding and using an extension, you can add additional features and make Google Calendar better than ever.

The following Chrome extensions will help you personalize and improve Google Calendar. You can finally change the calendar function to reflect how you would like to use it.

1. Google Calendar

The most important extension you should install on your browser is Google Calendar itself. With this extension Google Calendar will be one click away. The Google Calendar icon can tell you what you have to do today and tomorrow.


Click on the “Red” button to add an event, then click on the “Add” button. If you visit a page that has various events, the Google Calendar extension will now be red.

2. Send to Calendar


With Send to Calendar you can forget about typing and just right-click to add any date to Google Calendar. It doesn’t matter what site you’re on, highlight what you want to add to Google Calendar, right click on the information and select the “Send to Calendar” option.

3. Google Calendar Bar


Thanks to Google Calendar Bar, you’ll be able to easily identify calendar conflicts thanks to the red bar. This extension is especially useful if you’re a busy bee and with a lot of events scheduled and are having a hard time figuring out if you’re on task or not.

4. Better Google Calendar Alert

If you just can’t stand how intrusive the Google Calendar alerts are, then Better Google Calendar Alert is a must-have. It’s an extension that alerts you about your events but in a less intrusive way.


When you have an event the extension will play a sound and flash an icon on the calendar tab. If you have various events to be warned about, you can either dismiss them all at once or go through them one by one.

5. Toggl

To get things done on time you need to be on a schedule. If you spend too much time on a task, you’ll have less time for everything else you have to do. Toggle is a time-tracking tool that integrates with Google Calendar.


The extension will add a small button to Chrome and will sync with your calendar. When you’re working start the timer, and when you’re done with your task stop the timer. Thanks to this extension, you can see how much time you really spend on each task.

6. Event Merge


There are times when you may have the same event in different calendars. Instead of seeing the same event various times, install Event merge and watch how your split events are merged into a single event. Once the event is merged, color code the events so you can tell the difference of the calendars involved.

7. G-Calize

Organizing your events on Google Calendar can be easier when you include colors. With G-Calize you can easily color code the days of the week. When you start the extension you’ll be asked to add a color to every day of the week.


If the extension fails to do this, just lick on the extension icon and you’ll see the pre-assigned colors. Click on the colors you’re not happy with and change them as desired. You can choose a background color and the color of the event.


Google Calendar is a great tool to keep your life organized, but it could use some additional features. With these Chrome extensions you’ll finally be able to customize the calendar to your liking. What feature would you like Google Calendar to have without having to install any Chrome extensions? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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