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Google Authenticator is widely regarded as the first choice for generating two-step verification codes. However, limited updates and missing features have made many of its users searching for an alternative. Let’s take a look at some of the best alternatives to Google authenticator for securing your online accounts.

1. Authy

When it comes to Google Authenticator alternatives, Authy (iOS / Android) is definitely one of the more prominent names. You can add an account by scanning a QR code or entering a code manually. All your codes are backed up securely to the cloud and are protected via password or face/fingerprint unlock. This ensures that even if you lose your smartphone, your data is secure. Owners of multiple devices will also love that Authy adds multi-device sync, so adding codes to a tablet will sync right back to a smartphone and vice versa.

Best Google Authenticator Alternatives Authy

Best of all, Authy can generate secure tokens that can be used offline. If you ever find yourself in Airplane mode, you’ll still have total access to all of your 2FA secured accounts. Last, but certainly not least, Authy adds a whole new level of functionality by protecting your Cryptocurrency as the default 2FA provider for services like Coinbase, BitGo and more.

2. 2FA Authenticator

Another popular free Google Authenticator alternative, 2FA Authenticator (iOS / Android), is a simple app with an easy-to-use interface that gets out of your way. Similar to Authy, adding apps is handled via QR code or by entering a secret key manually. Access to the app is handled via fingerprint (Touch ID) or through Face ID, making it secure and inaccessible if your phone is ever lost or stolen. Once you begin with 2FA Authenticator, you can set up an online account and sync across multiple devices, so any saved passwords on a tablet are passed back to an Android or iOS smartphone. 

Best Google Authenticator Alternatives 2fa

All codes are stored locally, but the software developers have already released a cloud solution for iOS and are gearing up for a release on Android. Whereas other apps like to add features like Bitcoin security, 2FA Authenticator wants to keep things simple and easy and focus solely on securing your online accounts.

3. Duo Mobile

Duo mobile (iOS / Android) from Cisco is another app that makes it easy to authenticate login requests on your online accounts. It offers a differentiating feature called “Duo push” which allows you to receive login requests on your phone and make a single tap to authenticate it. If you receive a request that you aren’t expecting, you can also deny the request and report it as fraudulent. In addition, you can deny a request without marking it as fraudulent.

Best Google Authenticator Alternatives Duo

Duo also supports fingerprint protection for users running both Android and iOS enabled smartphones or tablets for securing all of your passwords. If you are ever offline, you can still authenticate your accounts using passcodes which are generated even without an Internet connection. While the rest of the apps on this list are geared for personal use, Duo, owned by Cisco, has a wealth of security protections that make it ideal for securing a small business or enterprise-level accounts.

4. Microsoft Authenticator

Backed by the Microsoft name, Microsoft Authenticator (iOS / Android) has quickly become a strong rival to Google Authenticator. This beautifully laid out app ensures that you can quickly access all of your online accounts with one-time passwords. In fact, with Microsoft accounts, the app takes an additional step and removes the need to enter a password, enabling you to just add your username and confirm the sign-in with your smartphone. That’s good for Microsoft account apps like OneDrive, Outlook, Office and more.

Best Google Authenticator Alternatives Microsoft

An added bonus is that the app can even autofill passwords for you. Inside the app, on the Password tab, you can sync passwords, including those that are saved in Microsoft Edge. This dual-purpose allows Authenticator to lay claim to being one of the most feature-rich competitors to Google Authenticator. Like Duo Mobile, Authenticator is also ideal for work or school environments, though it likely needs to be registered as part of any organization so that it can be added to the list of trusted devices.

5. Aegis Authenticator

Whereas most 2FA apps are available on both Android and iOS, Aegis Authenticator is an Android-only option. However, what it lacks in cross-platform capabilities, it more than makes up for with simple features, a free price tag and an easy-to-use interface. Security is the name of the game with multiple layers of protection, including a top-layer password to access the app. In the event someone did have your password and could access the vault file that holds one-time passwords, they would still be unable to access the file due to heavy encryption. In other words, Android users should feel safe and protected with Aegis Authenticator.

Best Google Authenticator Alternatives Aegis

Another plus for Aegis is that as you add more and more one-time passwords, the app allows for custom icons to be associated with each entry so that they are easy to locate and identify. It’s a small but essential added value that helps differentiate Aegis from many of its 2FA competition. Last, but not least, is the peace of mind that comes with automatic backups, so you never lose your data, even if you lose your device.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing an authenticator app, it really comes down to what you want out of an app. If Microsoft apps are where you spend a lot of your time, it makes sense to use their authenticators. On the other hand, Authy is the stand-out choice with plenty of positive reviews online. While each app available here has its own benefits, anyone looking for Google Authenticator alternatives should look at Authy as the next best thing.

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