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  1. “He notes that they only log the moment of authentication and that it’s not used for any re-targeting or advertising and isn’t distributed anywhere. ”
    Not yet, or not that we know of.

    “But there are most assuredly many who will find fault with Risher’s reasoning. ”
    I’m one of them. Risher’s reasoning is self-serving, or rather, Google-serving.

    “How do you view the sign-in buttons through Apple, Google, and Facebook?”
    I don’t view them, I disregard them totally.
    I do not have an Apple, Google or Facebook sign-in and I will not get one, no matter what Mr. Risher or others say. Online security means also being safe from FB’s and Google’s attention.

    “do you appreciate they’re trying to help you keep your data safe?”
    That’s like letting the foxes guard the hen house.

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