Gmail: Create Custom Signature For Different Accounts

While Gmail allows you to set up and manage multiple email accounts within itself, the Gmail team seems to have overlooked the fact that each email account is meant for different purpose and you will need a different signature for each account. For sure, I don’t want to include all my business contacts when I send an email to my family members, and vice versa. Currently, Gmail allows you to set only one signature and expect you to stick with it for all your email accounts.

Luckily for Firefox users, there is a Firefox extension – Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures that enables you to insert custom html signature into your mails based on which email address you are sending form.

At the moment, Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures is still an experimental add-ons and is not yet available for the general use. However, if you sign up an account with Mozilla and log in to your account, you will be able to install it just like any other Firefox extensions.

Blank Canvas Gmail signatures allows you to create up to 4 different signatures for each email address.

When you compose a new message, or reply/forward a current message, you will find a new dropdown field beside the “From: ” field.

gmail signature

To create a new signature for a particular email address, first select the email adress on the From dropdown field. Next, click on the Edit Signature.

Two large text boxes will appear. You can now create your custom signature on the first text box and see the preview on the second box. It only accept html codes, which means if you want to insert a line break, you have to use the code <br/>

Gmail - edit signature

To insert an image signature, you have to first upload your signature image file to a Web server that can be accessed at any time with any computer. In the create signature field, place the following html image code to insert an image signature.

<img src=”” />

In the option field, you can configure whether the signature should appear before/after the quoted text. You can also change the label for each signature for easy identification.

Gmail signature options

I found this Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures extension to be extremely useful as it eases all my frustration of having to edit the signature everytime I compose a message. Hopefully, it can get out of the experimental stage and become available for the mass public. Do you find this extension useful? What other ways do you use to create custom signature on your Gmail?


  1. I sent this suggestion to Google many months ago, but got no reply till today.

  2. @tanallan: I guess you are not the only one who sent in this request. Google is sure taking a long time to tackle this issue. Maybe that is why Gmail is still in beta

  3. My idea is different from what Firefox offers. I was thinking that the user should be allowed to have a few signatures. These will appear with each Compose Mail activation. The user can then select one or more signatures using checkboxes. That is the simplest method from an user’s point of view.

  4. I always liked the way outlook handled it and I think Blank Canvas mimics that functionality. One signature tied to a particular source account.

  5. I see google still has no solution.

    I wonder: if I set up the blank canvas gmail today…will google have a solution tomorrow? I guess i do not want any frustrations today and will go for the blank canvas. seems great.

    thanks for the info!

  6. ps. the link has changed. Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures gives an error in your post. here’s a new one

  7. How do you get multiple accounts within Gmail? I have set up separate accounts… Is that what the writer means? I get the impression that he is referring to accounts that are linked.

    1. You can setup Gmail to manage multiple email account in the Settings page.

  8. Canned responses can be just a signature. So, you can pick a signature by picking a canned response that contains one. If you already use canned responses, you can add more than one to a message, starting with your chosen signature.

    1. Brian says:
      May 31, 2009 at 3:33 pm
      Canned responses can be just a signature. So, you can pick a signature by picking a canned response that contains one. If you already use canned responses, you can add more than one to a message, starting with your chosen signature.

      This was perfect. Thank you!

  9. This would be great if it wasn’t only available to Firefox users. I find Firefox to be extremely unstable, it crashes way too often.

  10. This WAS working rather well for me until I switched to the browser Chrome. It was hit or miss using Firefox, mostly working but sometimes not. Are there any plans to make this work with Chrome?

  11. there is no option for edit signeture.

  12. New link:

  13. This for the info! I’ve been looking for a way to change signatures as I have several accounts on Gmail and am starting to move all of my emails out of Outlook to Gmail.

  14. Sometimes Blank Canvas does not load when you open a new message. Pretty annoying :/

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