Monitor Your Network with GlassWire Pro: Lifetime License

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep tabs on your network to keep it safe, watching for host changes, putting up a secure firewall, and have conrol over it all? With GlassWire Pro: Lifetime License you can. You’ll be ble to track the history on up to three PCs. You be able to completely monitor your network, track host changes, erect a secure firewall, and see it all visually on a display to give you the greatest of control. It can even track the activitiy that occurs on your network while you’re away to keep you always in control.

  • Network monitor visualizes network activity, past and current, by traffic type, app, and geography
  • Reveal hosts that are known threats and unexpected network system file changes with threat monitoring
  • Reveal all network activity with a firewall so you can determine what your machine is doing in the background
  • Get notified when a new app or service gains access to the Internet initially
  • See network activity that occurred while you were away or logged out
  • Monitor remote services where you’re hosting websites, apps, or games
  • Stay under your bandwidtch usage by being alerted to all Internet overages
  • Hide or clear all network activity with incognito mode

Get this lifetime license for under $30.

GlassWire Pro: Lifetime License

Bonus: VuPoint Solutions PinGo Car Locator


The biggest problem with the larger parking lots is remembering where you’re parked. With the VuPoint Solutions PinGo Car Locator, not only will it help you remember where you parked, but it will also charge your phone and notify you when it’s not there.

This three-in-one tool plugs into your car and will drop a pin where your car is located with a free app. It will also act as a car charger for your phone and will let you know if you don’t have your phone with you when you enter your vehicle just as a helpful reminder to bring your phone with you. It can help you out in multiple ways.

For just $21.99 you won’t ever forget these things again!

VuPoint Solutions PinGo Car Locator

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