Get Yourself Protected with GlassWire Pro. Lifetime License For Only $29


We all know that no antivirus is perfect, which is why we also need a firewall and a  suite that offers a whole range of protection to secure our computer and online presence.

GlassWire Pro is a all-encompassing safety solution, monitoring your network completely, tracking host changes, erecting a secure firewall, and displaying everything visually so you have ultimate control.

This also includes protection against ransomware. It’ll even track the network activity occurring while you’re away, so you can always be in the know of just what your computer has been doing.

Here are some of the features you will get with GlassWire Pro:

  • Network monitor visualizes current and past network activity by traffic type, app, and geographic location
  • Threat monitoring reveals hosts that are known threats, unexpected network system file changes, and much more
  • Firewall reveals all your network activity so you can easily see what your computer is doing in the background
  • Notifies you when a new app or service accesses the Web for the first time
  • Reveals network activity that occurred while you were away or logged out from your computer
  • Monitors remote servers where you host websites, apps, or games
  • Keeps you under your bandwidth limit by alerting you to all possible Internet overages
  • Incognito mode hides all network activity or lets you clear it

For a limited time you can get 70% off the lifetime license. Get it now!

GlassWire Pro: Lifetime License

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  1. Thank you – thank you, been looking for a steep discount on this software since spring. Missed it or found it elsewhere being sold out in these deep discounts. I get GlassWire news in my inbox and read here and there of mentions about it. It’s forum seems to listen to users and constantly improving it’s software, seen here at

    Here’s a good thorough write up on GlassWire at

    Not to long ago I’d thought I’ve read somewhere that it was thinking about a subscriptions model after 2.0.came out. I can remember it saying all 1.something version users would have a free upgrade to 2.0 and thinking about a subscription yearly model then. I can’t find a stitch of this related info. now – be it a erased rumor…….
    Maybe I was confused and it was a user in such words and not dev saying this. But I do recall it was something dated this late summer 2017. Everything I’ve found is dated much earlier.

    Jun 2015 / Ken_GlassWire – The licenses we sell don’t expire. It’s possible that we could release a major update someday where there would be an upgrade fee, but we currently have no plans to do so. If we did release an update with an upgrade fee you would be welcome to use your current version indefinitely without having to pay to upgrade.
    GlassWire Basic, Pro, and Elite are not subscriptions that require more payments or expire.

    Jul. 2015 / Servo_GlassWire – The order pages were updated last night. We will have one payment per software version and there is only one charge per software version. Currently we have no plans to create an upgraded version and charge for any new versions.
    It’s a one time fee. We can’t charge you more than one time.

    Thanks (Ayo) for the word and for such a great deal on this terrific baby and 75% off is like giving it away from it’s asking price.

  2. Just herd from a Dev. over there, GlassWire update 2.0 is coming on the 15th.

    GlassWire will probably switch to a subscription business model on December 15th 2017, so we recommend buying our current one-time payment software now if you can.

    Please note all 1.0 paid users are upgraded to the paid 2.0 version with no extra charges or upgrade fees.

    This is your FYI

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