SecretLayer – Professional Steganography Software

This is the second day of our Birthday giveaway. The giveaway software for today is Secret Layer – Professional Steganography Software

There are plenty of ways to hidden your confidential files or messages away. You can either encrypt them with a encryption software like Truecrypt, or place them in a folder and lock it with Folder Locker. Another relatively unknown and little used method is to hide them inside an image.

Steganography, according to Wikipedia, is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message. SecretLayer is a software that utilizes the Steganography concept and hide your confidential files/messages in an image so no one, apart from you and the intended recipient, know the existence of the message.

Using SecretLayer

While the technology may look complicated, SecretLayer is surprisingly easy to use. Once you have installed and run it, you will see the main screen where you need to select whether to “Hide data into images” or “Extract data from images”.


There are the “Wizard” and “Expert” mode which are exactly the same, except that one is guided while the other allows you to do everything at one place. Let choose the “Wizard” mode instead.

1. The first step is to add your image(s). You can use one image, or several images if you want the encryption to be really secure.

2. Next, you can add your confidential files and/or messages. You can include any number of files and any length of messages as long as the total size doesn’t exceed the limit set by SecretLayer. In this example (the screenshot below), the size limit is 14.4kb.


3. On the next step, you can add further encryption to prevent others from opening the file. You can even select the encryption type.


4. The last step is to preview the data you want to hide and select the location where you want to save the encrypted image.


Now, can you see the differences between the original image and the image with the encrypted data?


The extraction process is similar to the hide data process, except that it is easier. You just have to add the image(s) with the encrypted data, enter your encryption password and click “Extract”. Done. You can then save the embedded file into your computer or shred it.


Secret Layer Pro

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