MakeTechEasier Giveaway Program

If you’re interested in holding a giveaway on MakeTechEasier, here’s what you need to know:

A giveaway event is a great way to increase your brand exposure and have more people find out about your products. Make Tech Easier’s giveaway event usually starts on Tuesday and will last for a week. It is accompanied by a review of your software/app and our readers need to spread the word about the giveaway to stand a chance to win the prizes. We also promote the event heavily on our homepage and via Twitter, Facebook page and Google Plus. After the giveaway is over, the winners are selected at random and announced.

To participate in our giveaway, you need to first have a premium product and inform us about it. Do tell us everything about your best products and all the benefits that will make our readers go wild over.

We only review top-notch software/apps that we truly believe in and that are useful for everyone. We will reject your giveaway application if your products do not meet our review requirement. Regardless the outcome, we’ll reply you with details.

If your product is a software or service, we’ll generally expect you to sponsor at least 10 copies, licenses, or memberships. We’ll also require you to provide us with a full copy for review.

If you would like to feature a physical item, we will require 5 prizes to offer. We’ll also need one complimentary review sample to be sent to our writer for consideration.

We do not impose geographical restrictions on physical product giveaways. All delivery fees incurred are borne by the sponsor.

Fill up the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

By submitting this giveaway application, you understand that:

1. This submission is not a confirmation of the giveaway event.

2. MakeTechEasier reserves the right to refuse your application to hold a giveaway.

3. You will provide a review license/membership/unit for us to check out your software/services/products