GetJar Gold: Download Premium Android Apps For Free Everyday

We all know what premium apps mean – They are not free and we have to pay for it.

What if I say that you can now download premium apps (for Android) for free and continue to receive update for them. Would you believe me?

The Amazon AppStore is the first app store (for Android) to provide free premium apps for download. However, the free app of the day deal is only available for 24 hours and that particular app might not be the one that you are interested in. GetJar Gold upped Amazon by providing a list of premium apps that you can download for free, everyday, any day.

In case you have not heard of GetJar, they are the largest mobile (free) app store and have over 2 billion app downloads to date. Their latest GetJar Gold program is a newly launched program that give end users (like you and me) free ongoing access to premium applications that they would have to pay for on other app stores.

Getting started

For first time users:

1. To start downloading the free premium apps, go to Browse the catalog to look for the apps you want.


2. Once you have found the app you want, tap the Download button. A popup window will show up to prompt you to download and install the GetJar app.


3. Install and open the GetJar app. Search for the app again. This time, it will download the app and install it on your phone.

Note: Once you have installed the GetJar app, you can search and download premium apps directly from the app. There is no need to visit the mobile site anymore.

What’s the Catch?

Since young, we have been told that there is no free lunch in this World, so what is the catch? How do the developers benefit by offering their apps for free?

You might be surprise, but there is no catch. The premium apps are fully functional and are yours to keep. How GetJar operate is different from the other app store. They receive money from the sponsors and they pay the developers on a per-install basis. Needless to say, the consumers are the ultimate winners since they can download and enjoy premium apps for free.

As of this post, the list of premium apps is still quite small (less than 30), but that’ll be changing as more and more apps are added to the list each day. Popular apps like SwiftKey X, Hockey Nation 2010 and Age of Zombies are already in the list.

What are you waiting for? Go download the free premium apps now. Stock while it lasts…indefinitely.

GetJar Gold

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