GetGlue: A Multi Platform Recommendation Service

Sharing is one of the things that makes life more interesting. What’s so fun about having favorite things if you can’t share them with your friends and family? The joy is in telling people we love about things that enrich our lives: a good book that you’ve just read, a beautiful song that you’ve just listen, or an exciting movie that you’ve just watch. And the process goes both way, you can also discover many great things from others’ recommendation.

Internet made the sharing business a whole lot easier. You can instantly email your overseas friends about the latest and greatest song from your favorite rock band, or tweet about it to your followers. But why stop there? Why not join GetGlue – a community where people from all over the world share and discover things that they love?

Make Everything Stick

GetGlue describes itself as “a social network for entertainment“. Its goal is to add “fun” to the process of recommending things that you like (or not recommending things that you don’t like) by integrating itself to other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter and by rewarding the users with virtual badges and freebies.

People can use GetGlue not only to recommend things to others, but also to get recommendations on things that they like. GetGlue can also be used as a place you go to every time you want to shop for specific items.

You can register for GetGlue account by simply choosing your user name and password, and writing down your email address.

Signup for Get Glue.jpg

Alternatively, you can use your Facebook or Twitter login info to get started quickly with GetGlue.

Login to Get Glue

To enrich your GetGlue experience, expand it beyond the web interface. GetGlue is also available as extensions for major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and apps for iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) and Android Phones. It means that you can access GetGlue anytime and anywhere.

To download and install the Glue extension for your favorite browser, find the item in the browser’s extensions repository. Here’s the example of Glue for Safari.

GetGlue Safari Extensions

After the extension is installed, your browser will show a small recommendation bar at the bottom (or top) of your browser every time you visit sites that related to books, music, movies, or other “consumer” items.

GetGlue - Browser Bar Recommendation.jpg

To access GetGlue when you are away from your computer, use GetGlue app for your smart phone. Armed with the app, you can recommend the movie that you are watching at the theatre without having to wait until you get home.

GetGlue iPhone

The Web Interface

Now let’s explore the web interface. After logging in, you will be greeted by quick status update and recommended item(s).

Home on GetGlue

There’s the “utility” bar at the right side of the page which consist of many things. For example: your personal data, link to GetGlue apps,

GetGlue - Sidebar

… To Dos, Quick Rate Button, earned stickers, etc.

GetGlue - Sidebar

Clicking the “Launch Quick Rate” button will open the quick rating window. Choose one of the items’ type to start rating things.

GetGlue - Quick Rating

Your friends and relatives will appear under “My Subscriptions” and “My Subscribers” category. This is something like following and followers in Twitter. You can increase the number of your cult by inviting more people to subscribe to you.

GetGlue - Subscriptions and Subscribers

And in the main page, there’s the update of what activities that currently happening among GetGlue users.

Right Now On GetGlue

Bonus For Bloggers

If you happen to be a blogger, you can add GetGlue service in your blog. To do that, navigate to the bottom of the sidebar in the web interface and click on the “Install Glue on your blog or website” link.

GetGlue for Blog

The Glue widget window will open and you can choose your blog’s publishing platform. There are ready-to-use widgets for Blogger and Typad users, while other blogging platforms users can use the provided script instead.

GetGlue For Blogs

Are you a GetGlue users? What do you think after using it? Would you recommend GetGlue to your friends and family? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

Image credit: GetGlue

Jeffry Thurana
Jeffry Thurana

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