How to Disable Screenshot Thumbnail Previews on Mac

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Modern versions of macOS feature a floating thumbnail preview for screenshots that allows users to quickly apply edits to their screenshots before they save them. If you find this interface too obtrusive, or simply prefer to edit your screenshots later using the Preview app, Here is how you can disable this screenshot behavior in macOS in a few clicks.

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Disable Screenshot Previews

You can access the Screenshot utility in macOS by locating it in your Applications folder or by using a keyboard shortcut.

  1. Open the Finder app. Navigate to the “Applications -> Utilities” folder. Double-click on the Screenshot app to launch it (you can also launch the Screenshot tool by pressing Command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard).
Screenshots Applications Utilities

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  1. In the screenshot toolbar that shows up, click on the “Options” button to reveal a dropdown menu.
Screenshots Options
  1. You should see a checkmark next to the “Show Floating Thumbnail” entry item. Click on itto uncheck and disable floating thumbnail previews for screenshots.
Screenshots Floating Thumbnail Checked
  1. Click the “x” icon on the left side of the screenshot toolbar to exit the screenshot utility.
Screenshots Utilities Close

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Re-Enable Screenshot Previews

If you want to switch back to the floating thumbnail animation for screenshots, you can do so quite easily by retracing your steps from the guide above.

  1. Navigate to “Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Screenshot.”
Screenshots Applications Utilities 1
  1. Select the “Options” menu to reveal a dropdown list of preferences.
Screenshots Options 1
  1. Click on the “Show Floating Thumbnail” entry item to enable it. If you see the checkmark appear beside it, then you have successfully re-enabled the floating thumbnail animation for screenshots.
Screenshots Floating Thumbnail Unchecked 1
  1. Click the “x” icon on the left side of the screenshot toolbar to exit the screenshot utility.
Screenshots Utilities Close 1

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Enable or Disable Screenshot Previews Using Terminal

You can also turn the floating thumbnail preview on or off using a short Terminal command. Note that a system restart is required in order for these changes to take effect.

  1. Open the Terminal app on your Mac (press Command + Space and type “Terminal” into the Spotlight Search field).
Screenshots Terminal
  1. Type the following command to disable floating thumbnail previews:
defaults write show-thumbnail -bool false
Screenshots Screen Capture False
  1. To re-enable floating thumbnail previews, replace false with true:
defaults write show-thumbnail -bool true
Screenshots Terminal Screen Capture True
  1. Navigate to the Menu Bar and click on the Apple logo. Select “Restart…” to restart your Mac and apply the changes that you made.
Screenshots Restart

Frequently Asked Questions

What else can I configure using the Options menu from within the Screenshot app?

Under the Options menu you will find a number of screenshot customization options, including the ability to hide or show the mouse pointer in your shots, set a countdown timer, and determine where your screenshots will be saved on your Mac. You can keep your private screenshots away from prying eyes by learning how to hide files, folders and desktop icons on your Mac.

I cannot find the screenshots on my Mac after I take them. How can I find my screenshots?

You can gain deeper access to the file system on your Mac by enabling the root user , via the Terminal app or Directory Utility. This will allow you to locate files and explore directories that you may have accidentally hidden.

Can I take a screenshot of the Touch Bar on my MacBook Pro?

Yes. You can use the keyboard command Command + Shift + 6 to take a screenshot of your Touch Bar at any time. You can also hold down the Control key while performing this keyboard command to automatically save your Touch Bar screenshot to your keyboard.

Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots taken by Brahm Shank.

Brahm Shank
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