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One thing that Mac OS X has always excelled at in comparison to Microsoft’s widely used desktop OS is the design. The platform aesthetics of the Mac OS is far better than what Windows has to offer to its users. Windows has a long path to travel before it can even remotely catch up to the beautiful graphics and rendering of the OS X. That is one of the main reasons why many “pro” Windows users offer tips, guides, how-tos and software guides to help other Windows users emulate some of the famous OS X features on their PCs.

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One of the cool and most-used functions of the OS X is the on-screen volume controls with fade-in fade-out effects that look pretty neat when you lower or increase the volume of your speakers using the hardware keys. A developer have developed a similar volume HUD for Windows notebooks as well, and if you’re interested in getting a similar solution for your Windows 8.1 PC, 3RVX comes to the rescue.


3RVX is really just a small piece of freeware that sits quietly in the Windows System Tray in the bottom-right corner and provides an on-screen volume slider that looks similar to the OS X’s on your desktop. The slider itself can be placed anywhere on the desktop and can be set to fade-out when you don’t need it. When you hit the volume keys on your keyboard to raise or lower the volume, the software springs back into action. In case your keyboard doesn’t come with a dedicated volume control key,¬†there are configurable hotkeys, alongside language options, configuration parameters, automatically launching the software at system start up, and choosing from a variety of skins that will change the HUD even further.


These particular skins add a whole different charm to the experience, because you can keep changing the look and feel if you don’t really like going with the OS X one.


We tested 3RVX on Windows 8, and it worked fine. According to the developer, it works fine on any version of Windows released after XP. You can give 3RVX a show by downloading it from here.

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Shujaa Imran
Shujaa Imran

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