Get Mac OS X Features On Windows With Macomfort

Gone are those days when you would have a sleek PC in your cabin and think you know it all. Today, more and more people are experimenting with different operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X and Chrome OS. But let’s face it – buying a brand new Mac isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as it is not that cheap. In Linux, you can actually transform your Ubuntu into Mac OS X. For Windows users, you can also use a nice little application call MaComfort to brings Mac-like features to Windows. The software can translate the Windows key to match with Mac commands, map the similar hotkeys and you can enjoy using virtual desktops as much as you do in your Macintosh.

Download MaComfort

Once the installation is complete, you will see a tooltip icon in Windows system tray. Right click on it and you are ready to tweak MaComfort and enjoy some Mac features.


There are 4 panels in MaComfort namely – Keyboard, Quicklook, Active corners and Spaces where you can tweak the controls and bring the Mac environment into life on your PC.

The Keyboard


The keyboard hot keys are now mapped to match with Macomfort. Although, Windows hot keys would work as they normally should. You can toggle mute with F3, lower the volume using F4 while increase the volume with the F5 key. Mac specific application shortcuts are now accessible from the Windows key so if you want to quit a program, hit Windows key + Q. The key combination acts as a replacement of Apple + Q in Mac.

The Spaces


Spaces enable virtual desktops in Windows so that you can run different set of applications on different environments. You can have 4 virtual desktops enabled at maximum. Use Ctrl + Left arrow to show the previous desktop while Ctrl + Right arrow to show the next one. The impressive part of Spaces is that it lets you drag and drop application windows from one virtual desktop to another.

For example, let’s suppose you are working in a Word document in desktop 1 while an Excel spreadsheet is kept open in desktop 2. You want to bring the word document and the excel spreadsheet in the same virtual desktop. To do that, just drag the Word window and move it quickly towards the edge of the screen.

Drag Program Window to the edge of Screen

Bingo! The program window is moved to desktop 2 instantly. In the same way you can switch application windows to multiple virtual desktops.

Active Corners


Love this feature and never thought that the corners of my PC screen can be so productive to do so many tasks. The active corners panel lets you choose custom commands which gets activated once you move the cursor to that corner. Lots of functions are supported which includes the following:

  • Start Screensaver.
  • Show desktop.
  • Show active window.
  • Shutdown computer.
  • Log off.
  • Switch off monitor.
  • Start Application.
  • Stand by

So if you want to quickly see the desktop, just move the mouse to the top left corner. In the same way, if you want to hibernate windows – move the cursor to the top right corner of the screen. This feature is very useful as you can open custom application shortcuts of programs by just hovering the mouse to a corner of the screen.



You can quickly preview files by selecting them and hitting the space key. This works with images, audios and video files. You can also choose to animate the preview of Quicklook feature from the options in Macomfort settings panel.


Macomfort is free but with limited options, skins and plugins. If you want to try out all the features of Macomfort, you have to buy the paid version (starting $15). Do you know of any other program which brings Mac’s functionality to Windows? Let us know your ideas in the comments.

Soumen Halder

Soumen is the founder/author for Ampercent, a tech blog that writes on computer tricks, free online tools & software guides.

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