How to Get iWork For Free in Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple announced that the latest version of iWork will be free for new Mac users (Mac purchased on or after 1st Oct 2013), but if you are one of those “old” users who do not own any version of iWork, here is a simple trick to grab the latest iWork for free.

1. Download a trial version of iWork ’09 (available in Softpedia) and install it in your Mac.

2. Unless you have changed the settings, the system won’t allow you to install the pkg file. Head over to “System Preferences -> Security & Privacy” and enable apps downloaded from anywhere to run. Proceed to install iWork ’09.


3. Once the installation is complete, open App Store and check for update. You should see the update for Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Run the update and it will install the latest version of iWork to your Mac, overriding the iWork ’09 that you installed earlier.



Note: As of this post, this current method of obtaining iWork works fine, but there is no guarantee that Apple will leave this “loophole” forever. Perhaps it is just one of Apple’s strategy to get every Mac user to switch from Ms Office to iWork. Meanwhile, enjoy it while it lasts.

via AddictiveTips & Reddit


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