Where Do You Go for Help with Your Technology Questions? [Poll]

Even though technology is nothing like it used to be and things have gotten much easier to navigate, there are still questions that we all have from time to time no matter our expertise. There are so many options out there for getting your questions answered. Where do you go for help with your technology questions?

Before the advent of the Internet, our options were much more limited for getting our technology questions answered. You were left with either doing some research in a manual or placing a phone call to tech support that may or may not know the answer to your question. But as technology has expanded, so have our choices. Instead of just looking for help for your computer, now you need help for your smartphone, tablet, game system, smartwatch, and any of the software and peripherals that come with all those devices. We need more support than just a manual and tech support, and it’s out there in the form of tech help websites, social networks, online chats, online manuals, etc.

Do you take advantage of the newer help out there or do you still stick with the more traditional means? Do you seek help for your technology questions or do you try to figure it out for yourself?

Where do you go for help with your technology questions?

Image Credit: Maebmij via Wikimedia Commons


  1. I venture to say a bunch of those figure it out for themselves are using google and forums to find the answer

    1. i’m actually one of those, we all use Google…
      and most of the time, i’m the one asked for help :D

  2. The “All of the Above” option should have been included.

    I’m sure that very few readers limit themselves to just one option. Depending on the circumstances, they use multiple sources to solve their problem(s).

  3. I would have added one more option to the list: Google. I really don’t care where the answer may ultimately turn up. Google leads the way regardless of the ultimate source.

    1. I would replace “Google” with “search engine” as other search engines besides Google, such as DuckDuckGo will give you pretty much the same results. Unless you are using Google as a generic term for all search engines.

      1. I agree. I was using “Google” to mean any search engine.

  4. Personally I use Stack Overflow (and related forums) for most of my tech questions.

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