How to Get Google Maps Alert When Driving in the Wrong Direction

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Google Maps has become an inseparable part of travel for many. The app lets us know the exact destination we are headed to, the conditions of the road and the distance we need to travel. Additionally, Google Maps also has a system in place for alerting you when you are driving in the wrong direction. Note that the feature has only been rolled out in specific countries so far, with a wider release planned for the future. Here are the steps to enable the alert.

Directions Alert on Android

Open the Google Maps app on your phone. At the top of the page in the search bar, input the name of the destination you wish to go to.

Google Maps Destination

Click on Directions, and a new marker will appear on the screen connecting your present location to the destination.

Tap on the “Stay Safer” button near the bottom of the screen. This section of the app was especially added to the program to provide a safer traveling experience to the user, whether they are the ones who are driving the vehicle or sitting in the passenger seat, dependent on the driver to take them to the right destination.

Google Maps Stay Safer

A new list of options will pop up. Scroll down the list until you see the section entitled “Get Off-Route Alerts.” Select this option.

Google Maps Stay Safer Options

Now you will get an alert every time you drive in the wrong direction, or if the program detects that you are not following the path laid out by the marker.

Keep in mind that the alert works after a distance of traveling 0.5 kilometers in the wrong direction in case the driver returns to the correct path on their own before that.

If you wish to turn off the alerts, simply tap on the Stop button near the top of the screen highlighted in blue.

Google Maps Stop Route Alerts

What to Do Next

If you are the one who is driving the vehicle, you can easily correct the course and return to the correct path on your own. On the other hand, there may come a time when you are in the passenger seat and suspect that the driver is taking you in the wrong direction on purpose. In such a case, Google Maps allows you to share your live location with your contacts.

1. Go to the “Directions” section and tap on it.

2. Go to “Stay Safer” and select the “Share live trip” section of the app. The option will also be visible at the bottom of the screen in off-route alerts mode.

Google Maps Send Location

3. Clicking on this feature will allow you to send your live location to anyone on your contacts list for the duration of the drive.

Google Maps Share Live Location

Do you find the Google wrong direction reminder useful?

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