Get the Black Google Menu Bar Back with this Chrome Extension

Get the Black Google Menu Bar Back with this Chrome Extension

Previously, we’ve shown you how to customize Google’s new App Launcher to make it more usable, but what if you’re not happy with that? Maybe you want to get the old black Google menu bar back at the top of all Google websites, and use that instead of the App Launcher. If this is the case, you’re in luck because the Proper Menubar extension for Chrome does just that.

Proper Menubar works right out of the box; just install it and you’ll see the black Google menu bar back up top, as if it never left.

You’ll also see a new icon added to your browser toolbar; right-click on Proper Menubar’s icon and go to “Options.” Here, you can customize the look of the menu bar (color of links, background color), as well as the items you want displayed in the menu bar.

Proper Menubar's Chrome Extension Options

Plus, you can choose which websites to display the menu bar on (ie. Google websites only, all websites, a specific website). You can also use the browser toolbar icon to hide/show the menu bar as you’d like.

This extension does not hide the App Launcher, but you no longer have to use it if you you don’t want to. If you like to see all of your links at a glance, rather than hidden behind icons, this is a great extension to use.

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