How to Get A Better Facebook Experience in Windows 8 With Metro Social

If you are using Facebook in Windows 8, you may have noticed most apps just follow the same old Facebook layout. Metro Social is an app that breaks from the crowd and creates an all new and inspiring modern UI for the social network. If you are looking for a more visual way to experience Facebook in Windows 8, Metro Social may be the app for you.

Modern style UI

The majority of Windows 8 Facebook apps, including the official one, do little justice to the modern Windows 8 feel.


Metro Social gives you a fully-immersive, full-screen experience for Facebook that other apps do not come close to offering. Metro Social took the idea of what an app should be like in Windows 8 and applied it to the overall design of its Facebook app.


When you browse your News Feed in Metro Social, you can utilize its side-by-side feature to begin responding to posts by liking or commenting on them.


This allows you to comment or like quickly as well as stay on top of the updates occurring live in the News Feed.

Seeing what your friends are up to

Metro Social utilizes an interesting way to display your Recently Updated feeds in Facebook.


You get a nice visual of your family, friends or coworkers, yet it’s part of the updated status. You can click to read more of the status and comment or like it as you see fit.

Viewing photos

One of the most visually stunning aspects of Metro Social lies in the way you view photos.

When you click on an album, you get a large display of photos from the album that you can quickly go through on the bottom.


Clicking on the photo will give you a full screen view that allows you to see more of what you or your friends are uploading to Facebook. It also gives you the opportunity to download photos more intuitively than Facebook’s own app or service.

The disadvantages of using Metro Social

One of the biggest downsides to Metro Social is its use of Notifications within the app.

While the rest of Metro Social is designed with that modern Windows 8 feel, it seems that just the initial Notifications screen had the same follow-through.


Once you go to interact with a notification, you are taken to the familiar Facebook-style page which seems out of place after using the rest of the app.


Download and installation

1. Download the app by searching for “Metro Social” in the Windows Store.

2. After Metro Social is installed, it uses a two-step authentication for accessing your Facebook account.


Signing in twice is more about using Facebook seamlessly than securing your account through Metro Social. The app can access different areas of Facebook and give you a better experience by getting the information needed to display all areas of your account.

From here, Metro Social is yours to explore.


Metro Social brings a more Windows 8 feel to Facebook. Other apps fail in bringing Facebook to life, yet Metro Social succeeds. If you are looking for a way to bring Facebook alive in Windows 8, Metro Social is the app for you.

What apps have you tried for using Facebook in Windows 8? Let us know below in the comments.

Melissa Popp
Melissa Popp

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