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If you’ve ever purchased a product from Apple’s online store, you may have heard of Apple’s Education Store. Apple has a separate online store that offers discounts to students and anyone associated with an educational institution. This discount applies to a new Mac, Macbook or iPad purchase. If you’re a student, lecturer, or teacher, or work for an educational institution, learn how you can get an Apple Education discount for your next purchase of Apple products.

Are You Eligible for an Apple Education Discount?

The Apple Education Store is available in the U.S and the U.K. It is mainly available online, but may also be available in-store at specific branches. Students are the most obvious group to be eligible for the discount. Most students aren’t aware of the eligibility criteria for an Apple Education discount. In the U.S., you’re eligible for the discount if you’re studying in any class beyond K-12. In the U.K., students are eligible if they’re accepted or attending any tertiary education institution.

Similarly, the discount is available for teachers, lecturers, parents of qualifying students and anyone else who is associated with an educational institution, as long as you can prove your educational status.

If you are not eligible, check out some of the ways you can still get the educational discount.

How to Verify Your Student Discount

If you’re eligible for the discount, you can purchase your discounted products from the Apple U.S .Education Store or Apple U.K. Education Store. For the U.S, login or ID of any sort will not be required to use the Education Store. However, Apple can request to see evidence at any time to prove you are a student, and if you fail to provide it, you’ll be charged an additional fee.

On the other hand, if you order from the U.K., you’ll need to use the UNiDAYS service to verify your educational status. Enter your email address and a password, your name, institution, subject of study, years of study and course length.

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It’s advisable to log on to Apple’s website using your university network if you can and have access to some sort of official identification if Apple requires it. The best option for this is to have your student ID on hand, which will easily prove your educational status.

If you’re attending post-secondary education, or have been admitted into a post-secondary institution, you’re eligible for the discount. Post-Secondary education refers to university education in most countries.

How Much Discount Does Apple Education Store Offer?

Apple doesn’t offer a universal discount on its products but varies the price for each product range. Currently the discount for Mac computers and iPads and range from $50-$150 – there are no special discounts for other Apple products.

Apple Music Discount for Students

Apple also offers a student discount on its Apple Music service. All students can get a 50 percent subscription discount when they can prove that they’re enrolled at an eligible university or college.

If you’re a student and signing up for Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad, tap where it says “Are you a University Student?” and you’ll be directed to a verification system. If your college or university is eligible, you’ll get the reduced subscription rate.

Using the methods described above, you can get education discounts to purchase various Apple products and save some money in the process.

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