How to Get Android Notifications On Your Computer

The Android Mobile OS is surging forward with leaps and bounds. If you do not own one of these devices, you likely know someone who does own an Android phone. Even though you can do most everything on your phone, it is still easier to do somethings on your computer.

While you are working on your computer, it is a big inconvenience to keep checking your phone for text messages and missed calls. Even if you have it on silent, you can feel like you are missing out on something important.

To remedy this, here are a couple of ways to view notifications you may normally only see on your phone.

Android phone notifier

The main reason to use Android phone notifier is so you can stay focused on your task at hand and not worry about missing an important call or text message. You can silence your phone or leave it in the other room while you work so you will not be tempted to check your messages every 5 minutes.

This is a 2 part application. You will need to install this on both your Android device and your computer. Here are those links:

Remote Notifier desktop download link

Remote Notifier phone application download link

Remote Notifier Android Market link

The easiest way to connect is Wi-Fi, which is what I  used for this demonstration. The WI-Fi setting setting on your Android phone can be accessed in the Wireless & networks tab in your settings menu.


If you keep your WI-Fi turned off to conserve battery life and do not want to turn it on when you get home, there is an option to have Remote Notifier turn on your Wi-Fi to send the notification when there is one to send.

Once you have both parts of the application installed, you will need to pair the 2 devices. You will need to make sure both your computer and your Android phone are connected to the same WI-Fi network.


There is an option in the settings on the phone to send a test notification or a PING to the computer.


In the settings, you can choose which notifications you want. You can choose notifications from text messages, phone calls, MMS (picture messages), battery warnings, voice mails and any other 3rd party app that supports this application.


The pop-up appears as a Windows-like system notification.


Google Talk messenger plug-in

Another way to get some of the notifications that would normally show up on your phone is to use a Google Voice plug-in for your browsers. This will display and potentially let you answer the call or reply to the SMS right from your computer.

I personally use the Google Talk messenger a lot these days. It offers video and audio chat options right from Gmail. When someone sends me a SMS or calls my Google Voice number, there is a pop-up on the computer screen. This means I can keep working while I am talking to someone.


Depending on what you do for work or how easily distracted you may be, having pop-ups like these may help you greatly focus on what the task at hand versus wondering is you missed something important.

What other options are there for receiving phone notifications on your computer?