GeoChirp – A Fine Mashup of Twitter and Google Maps

Hey this is the New year & Christmas right?? I hope it would be a cool idea to know what exactly everybody is planning or what is the buzz about all those things in your locality. If I am not wrong you guys are well aware of the Google Maps right? Its a perfect thing to locate a place. And who else can deny that Twitter is the most happening place everybody chooses, anything that’s anywhere around the news, BANG!!! It’s there on Twitter. So what if someone puts these two things together. You got it!! You could probably locate some place you choose and you will necessarily learn to know what people staying there is tweeting about anything you are interested. Geochirp is the tool, that does the very same thing. Let us explore.

Finding and Connecting with Like minded People in a Specific Area

Let us proceed to the how to stuff now i.e how to search for people twittering for specific things in a specific area.

1. Go to the GeoChirp homepage.

2. To connect with people, you need to login using your Twitter account. The login link could be found at the top right corner of the page. Click it and press Allow in the Twitter Authentication page, after providing your Twitter username and password there. After a successful login, you will be automatically redirected to the GeoChirp page.

2. You will see the Google maps on the top of the page. It will be located to your locality (or the city nearest to your locality) by default. You can select the location either by the search option at the bottom left of the map or simply by locating it on the map.

google maps section

3. Now in the bottom section you will get to know about the Twitterers talking about any specific topic that you are interested in. Refer the screenshot to refine and define your search more efficiently.

Editing the search options

  • In the search Field type in your interest, as in my case its Christmas. Hit Enter.
  • You could filter your search by narrowing/broadening your area by the Search Radius slider
  • You can also define how many tweets you want to view on a single page by using the Number of Tweets slider.

4. If you could add more insight into this you could end up finding people in your area who are mostly active in twitter these days. Look for what they are talking about. Find people who are similarly interested, befriend those who were unknown to you till now. Use the Retweet, Reply and Add to a Group button to leverage the benefits for any particular search.

Connecting with people

To the right of the page you will find your own profile with many more options to be explored.

Finding active people

So what are you waiting for ? Join the buzz. From now on you do not need to get out on the streets to know what’s people telling about what you think is important to know right now. Get to know people in your area who are likely minded. Feel free to share your experience via comments.

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