Need a QR Code? Quickly Generate a QR Code With This URL

Previously, we shown you how to create a QR code in Google Drive. All you need to do is to paste the formula into the cell and it will generate a QR code based on the content of another cell. Apparently, using the same API call, we can quickly get a QR code by just visiting a URL.

In your browser, paste the following URL:

At the end of the URL, append the content you want to embed. For example, for a QR code with a URL link:

or a QR code with text:

and this is what you will see:


Simple and fast!

Image credit: Where is the QR code…?

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  1. Bookmarklet to create a QR code for the web page you are on:


    Bookmarklet for text:

    javascript:(function(){x=’×150&cht=qr&chl=’;try{location.href=x+prompt(“Create a QR Code:”,”Text Here”);}catch(e){alert(location.href); }})();

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