1. You cannot currently enable a new wallpaper. You can select a wallpaper, click OK and nothing happens – click Cancel and nothing happens. The only option is to close the dialog with the window controls.

  2. Installed it. Tried to change login back round, but no response when click OK. End up having to close the app;ication window. Rebooted,but no change on the login screen back round. So,I un-installed it. I've tried GDM2 3 times now. Too bad it's not working! It looks like a really good idea though.

  3. I am unable to get this, in the Terminal I get:
    nick@ubuntu:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gdm2setup/gdm2setup
    [sudo] password for nick:
    Error reading https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~gdm2setup/+archi… <urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known>

    Oh and also http://maketecheasier.com/change-login-and-boot… I am unable to change my boot screen using that. It does not show up even though it is there it says Mac4Lin_Wallpaper2.jpg but the background just turns purple.


  4. Found some problems:
    (1) In the version in the Repository (as of 2010/09/2), the file gdm2gconf.py has some typos around line 42 in Class GDM2Theme. There may be other – read on.
    * File contains DBUG, should be DEBUG
    * All file names in lines 44-47 are prefixed by the letter “u”.
    Fixing that and re-executing results in the Login screen having the selected background.
    (2) Alas, it looks like setting Themes and/or the Desktop backgrounds for new users does not work – more debug needed. Theme and background remain their [expletive deleted] defaults.

    My $0.02…

  5. Possible solution… I opened a terminal session and did a “sudo gdm2setup”. Then as I navigated normally in gdm2setup to change the background I noticed an error on the terminal session stating that there was “no such file or directory” for “/usr/share/images/xsplash/bg.jpg”. So I went looking in “/usr/share/images” and noticed that the folder “xsplash” did not exist. I did a “mkdir xsplash”. Then “cd xsplash”. Then “touch bg.jpg” to create the bg.jpg file. Then I opened gdm2setup normally from the Administration Menu and I was able to change the background image.

    • I can confirm this latest suggestion to correct the oversight of creating the xsplash directory under /usr/share/images.

    • I can second that the fix worked if such confirmation is needed. Also, thanks for the program. It is a huge improvement over the current manager and I can see that with continued development it will become better than the old one.

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