Gaming Version of ‘YouTube’? Check Out Kongregate…

Tired of your desktop games? Or just want to take a break from work? Just point your browser to and enjoy highly addictive online flash games, and if you like, challenge other gamers to a game too.

Kongregate is a social gaming site that allows users to upload and share flash-based games. Aiming to be the gaming version of YouTube, it also allows users to rate, tags, add comments and pitch their skills against each other. The games that are highly rated by users are featured in the front page.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 games in the database and some of them are truly addictive and can hook you in for hours. Personally, I have not try all the games, but based on what I have played over the past few days, here are some games that I highly recommended.

1) Desktop Tower Defense


A simple strategy game. The battle scene is set on an office desktop. You can buy towers and place them in strategic position so to kill waves and waves of creeps crawling across the desktop.

2) Pillage the village


An interesting game where you have to drag the villagers and throw them in the air (so as to kill them) so that you can loot their money. There are different characters where you have to react accordingly, such as villagers with parachute that can resist your throw and the camouflage thief that is always trying to steal your money.

3) Boxhead: 2Play Rooms


This is a simplified version of the PsX‘s Resident Evil. You have to eliminate wave and wave of zombies. As you progress, you will be equipped with more powerful weapons, but that also means the enemies are getting stronger. Most of the time, you will be surrounded by swarm of zombies and you have to fight your way out, or suffer a horrible death.

4) Filler


Filler is a brainless game that is suitable for everyone. If you don’t like strategy or fighting game, then this game is suitable for you. What you need to do is to fill up balls so that they occupy 2/3 of the game screen. While you are filling up balls, there are bouncing balls that bounce around the screen to burst your ball. Everytime your ball is burst, you lost a live.

5) Monster’s Den


This is like the Dungeons and Dragons game in the past. You form a team of four and fight monsters throughout the dungeon (monster’s den). You can equip your characters with more powerful weapons, armors, potion, scroll and also gain experience point when their level is increased.

6) Tactical Assassin


A sniper game where you have to kill off different targets in different mission. Seemingly easy game, but when all the characters are matchstick figure and look alike, you are going to have a hard time locating the right target.

7) Fancy pants: Adventure world


This is easily one of the best flash game around. Great interactivity between the game and the player. Expect swift movement, high projectile and all sort of jumping styles. The game is in 2D simple comic style and the goal is to kick the snailshell into the hole.

8) Onslaught2


This game is similar to Desktop Tower Defense, but is also different in its own way. The objective is to prevent enemies from reaching the Area 51 camp. You can buy cannons and plant them in strategic position to kill the wave and wave of enemies. There are different maps, each with different route of advance. You will have to plan strategically for each map.

9) Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2


If you like Tap Tap Revolution, then you will like this game too. Grab a guitar and press the key when the note arrive at the baseline. A simple game that will keep you occupied for a while.

10) Thing-thing 4


This is not the best, yet was highly featured by Kongregate. Basically, the main aim of the game is to kill, kill and kill. If you like killing game, bloody scene, ugly childish monster like graphics, then you will be fascinated by this game.

Have fun!

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