Gaming On Linux

Gaming in Linux is always a big issue. Many gamers are not willing to migrate to Linux (though they are not happy with Windows) because they are worried about the lack of support for gaming. This is really a big myth, since there are really plenty of great games in Linux.

In case you are wondering what choices of game you have in Linux (Ubuntu), here are my top 10 list.

1. America’s Army

This is one of the most popular First Person Shooting (FPS) game in Linux. In America’s Army, the player must first go through basic training which include rifle marksmanship, obstacle course, US weapons training, and fighting in urban terrain. After the trainings, the player can then participate in the online mode. The game relies heavily on teamwork and team killing will cause you to lose points, eventually banning you from the game.

america’s army screenshot1

america’s army screenshot2

america’s army screenshot3

Download America’s Army

2. SuperTux

Clone of the popular Nintendo “super mario” game, except that the character is changed to Penguin Tux. SuperTux is a simple game that going to provide you with hours of entertainment.

supertux screenshot1

supertux screenshot2

supertux screenshot3

To install, open up terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install supertux

3. Flight Gear

Linux version of MS Flight Simulator. Flight Gear is a fun, feature packed flight simulation package that is really worth taking a look at. Not only can you choose from a variety of aircrafts, from time to time, there is also new update of extra aircraft choices, ranging from large airliners to military aircraft and helicopters.

flightgear screenshot1

flightgear screenshot2

flightgear screenshot3

To install flight gear, open up terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install flightgear

4. Enemy Territory

Formerly an expansion pack to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory is now a stand-alone multiplayer FPS game supporting as many as 32 players. In this game, two teams battle each other through a series of missions that make up a single campaign. Each player picks a character class, such as engineer, soldier, field ops, or covert ops. During combat players gain experience and skill, and through battlefield promotions are awarded additional abilities that remain persistent across an entire campaign. Strong teamwork and advanced strategies are extremely important to win the game.

enemy territory screenshot1

enemy territory screenshot2

enemy territory screenshot3

Download Enemy Territory

5. Glest

Glest is a 3D Real Time Strategy (RTS) game with beautiful graphics. The game takes place in a context which could be compared to that of the pre-renaissance Europe, with the licence that magic forces exist in the environment and can be controlled. For gamers who like RTS, this can be a very fun game to play.

glest screenshot1

glest screenshot2

glest screenshot3

Download Glest

6. Alien Arena 2007 (AA2k7)

AA2K7 is the latest version of a freeware online deathmatch game that was first introduced to the public in October, 2004. With 37 levels, five modes of play, six mutators, built-in bots, 10 player characters, 8 weapons(with alt-fire modes), the game has an endless supply of replayability. With so many new features, AA2K7 is nearly an entirely new game when held in comparison to it’s predecessor.

Alien Arena screenshot1

Alien Arena screenshot2

Alien Arena screenshot3

Download Alien Arena 2007

7. Globulation 2

Globulation 2 is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game which reduces micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to units. The player chooses the number of units he wants to assign to various tasks, and the units will do their best to satisfy the requests. This allows the user to manage more units and focus on strategies rather than individual units jobs. There are three types of units: workers, warriors, and explorers.

globulation screenshot1

globulation screenshot2

globulation screenshot3

Download Globulation 2

8. Warzone 2100

Warzone 2100 is a RTS based on a future earth. Upon entering the game, you land from your transport and establish your base. Here you conduct research, design and manufacture vehicles, build new structures and prepare your plans of global conquest. If the game goes badly you’ll end up fighting last ditch battles here to defend your base from enemy attacks.

Warzone screenshot1

warzone screenshot1

warzone screenshot1

Download Warzone 2100

9. ManiaDrive

ManiaDrive is an arcade car game on acrobatic tracks, with a quick and nervous gameplay (tracks almost never exceed one minute). Most of the time, you’ll be bumping along at break-neck speeds and flying off the track with an incredible ease reminiscent of Stunt-Trak Racer. It’s both incredibly hard to stay on track and to complete the race in under the allotted time, but that’s what make it fun, isn’t it?

ManiaDrive screenshot1

ManiaDrive screenshot2

ManiaDrive screenshot3

Download Mania Drive

10. Vegastrike

Vega Strike is an action space simulator designed to bring 3D space combat to a whole new level of graphics, gameplay, and customizability. What makes it so difference from other space simulator game is that Vegastrike has a strong story line and allow you to make virtual money to upgrade your space ship.

vegastrike screenshot1

vegastrike screenshot2

vegastrike screenshot3

To install, open up terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install vegastrike

Happy gaming!