Galaxy Note 20 Ultra First Smartphone to Include Gorilla Glass Victus

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None of us are impervious to phone drops. They happen no matter how careful we are. And no one wants to carry around a phone with the spider-veined screen acknowledging that they dropped it. Gorilla Glass helps protect that display, and with Gorilla Glass Victus being the best variation yet, the first smartphone to bear it will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Gorilla Glass Victus

Corning has been manufacturing glass meant to withstand a little abuse for some time and continues to make improvements it goes. The Corning Gorilla Glass is not completely scratch-resistant, but again, it will withstand a little abuse.

The latest to be released is Gorilla Glass Victus. Like Corning’s other iterations, the goal is for it to be tougher, more scratch-resistant, and more unbreakable.

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The enhancements in Gorilla Glass Victus revolve around better performance in drop situations and when scratched. Drop performance is up to two meters when dropped on a hard surface. Other manufacturers can only promise a height of fewer than 0.8 meters. The enhancements are necessary because of the thinner bezels being used on smartphones, making them more fragile.

Gorilla Glass Victus is two times better than Gorilla Glass 6 with regard to scratch resistance and four times better than the aluminosilicate glasses of competitors.

Gorilla Glass Victus on Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Corning was the first to say that Gorilla Glass Victus would be used initially by Samsung in its newer devices. It was announced this week that Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be the first smartphone to ship with this feature.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a 6.9-inch display, and at that size, it will be difficult for many people to use one-handed. This means it’s likely to be dropped. But the two-meter drop survival will help guard against that. It can also withstand 20 one-meter drops, an improvement over Gorilla Glass 6 surviving 15 drops.

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While scratches and cracked screens can still happen, you’ll have a much better chance of your phone surviving it if you have a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with the Gorilla Glass Victus. You’ll of course be paying a lot for this feature, but for a phone of this size, it seems like good insurance to have.

Samsung also wants to use Gorilla Glass in its foldable smartphones. It didn’t make it onto the Galaxy Z Fold 2 , but perhaps it will be on the next foldable smartphone.

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