Amidst Reports of Troubles with Galaxy Fold, Samsung Postpones Media Events

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One of the hottest upcoming trends in technology over the past several months has been foldable phones. Many major phone companies have been reportedly working on their own version. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been greatly anticipated.

However, after journalists who received samples reported multiple problems with the phones, Samsung has postponed media events that were scheduled for this week in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Troubles

Certainly there has to be some grave concerns with the Galaxy Fold for Samsung to pull the plug on their launch events for a phone that is estimated to be around $2,000.

It was SamMobile and Engadget Chinese editor-in-chief Richard Lai who reported the delay. “Samsung Galaxy Fold launch events in Hong Kong and Shanghai have been postponed,” Lai tweeted. “They were originally scheduled this Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.”

SamMobile reported that “someone claiming to be familiar with the matter” had said Samsung is blaming the delays on the venues that are holding the events.

News Samsung Galaxy Fold Delay Phone

However, there have been many reporters at major technology outlets who received samples of the Galaxy Fold reporting problems. These difficulties include hinge bulges, flickering screens, and a protective film that looks like it’s intended to be removed but that will actually break the phone if it’s removed.

Samsung told Gizmodo that they are working to “determine the cause” of these issues that have been reported. With regards to the protective film that is being removed in error, they said there will be warnings “clearly delivered to our customers.”

The company has also reported they have already sold all the available units on their website. They have said they are holding an April 26 launch in the United States and that they will not be moving this date because they believe the problems are “isolated incidents.”

It, of course, brings up the issues Samsung faced when they debuted the Galaxy Note 7, only for the batteries to catch on fire. The potential troubles with this recent phone aren’t seen as damaging to the company, as the Galaxy Fold is a separate device than their flagship model. Additionally, they are only planning a limited release for the phone.

The Future of the Foldable Phone

Just as it’s unknown how this is going to affect the future of the Galaxy Fold, it’s also unknown how it will affect the future of the highly anticipated foldable phone for other brands. Huawei’s Mate X still has several months to go before its scheduled launch.

Have you been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Fold to be released? Is this news making you change your mind, or are you dismissing these concerns? Add your thoughts to the comments section below.

Image Credit: Sam Rutherford via Gizmodo and Public domain

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