1. Great information! Glad to see Gmail's recovery is just as easy to use as their email.

  2. If you're using Windows resetting your password will only work for a few minutes, until the keylogger running your your Windows machine hijacks your info again.

    The only real solution is a Windows Deinstall.

  3. Can't really agree with the idea that Yahoo offers better security than anyone–not overall they don't. They don't even support https (at the free level) .

  4. I think that Yahoo! gives you the most options for you to get access to your email, and it's easy to find than the others.

  5. OK I have a big issue my alternative email is my ex girlfriends an she wont give me her password an she got into my account an changed my password on yahoo so i cant acess any of my emails an I don’t no how to get around this if anyone has any ideas please email me at dpleat@gmail.com

  6. i have a joined gmail account with some others. If any one
    change the password without informing me, then how can i get the information
    about the changed new password

  7. hey! actually few days back someone hacked my yahoo account. and i am try to get password through forget password option..when i enter my yahoo account and the given code. after that   i got this message ” 
    Sorry, your password can’t be reset online 
    i have alternate account with me.. any suggest please how can i get back my account. Thanks

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