G Suite Legacy Free Edition Users Get Some Breathing Room

Google's deadlines are looming.

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G Suite legacy free edition users have been panicking since January. Google’s announcement made it seem as if those who used the service for personal use would either have to start paying or export all their data. However, a further clarification shows that personal users of the G Suite legacy free edition have a more palatable option.

Google Clarifies the G Suite Plan

In October 2020, Google rebranded G Suite as Google Workspace. There wasn’t anyone confused about Google’s motive – obviously, this move would benefit the Alphabet subsidiary in some way. Left in the lurch again were the users who had lost the free services and sent to the G Suite legacy free edition in 2012.

In January 2022, Google dropped the bomb. With many users not jumping over, the tech superpower announced that Google Workspace users would have to start paying for their accounts. If users failed to choose a paid tier by May 1, Google would choose one for them.

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After much backlash, Google has now made its plan a little less stringent. There will be an option to transfer to a free account, but you won’t be able to retain all the features you’ve always enjoyed.

While business users will still have to pay regardless, personal users can continue to use Google apps, such as Youtube, Gmail, Docs, and Meet, and they will also get to keep all their purchases, such as movies and Android apps.

Google Workspace for Businesses and Personal Use

This is how Google broke down the new Google Workspace plan.

The G Suite legacy free edition will no longer be available to businesses. “We recommend you upgrade now to a Google Workspace subscription that meets your needs to begin using your new security and collaboration functionality at no cost through August 1, 2022.”

G Suite Legacy Free Gmail

If businesses choose not to sign up for a plan, they’ll be “automatically transitioned” after June 27. They will then face suspension if billing is not set up by August 1. If you remain an active user, you will not lose content you have purchased.

If you are a G Suite legacy free edition user who uses your account for personal use, “you can opt out of the transition to Google Workspace.” You will still be able to use your custom Gmail domain, use free Google services, and keep your purchased content and data.

G Suite Legacy Free Apps

If you choose to not do anything, your account will be suspended on August 1, 2022. You’ll need to upgrade to Google Workspace or “opt out of the transition for non-commercial use” to reactivate your account.

Mostly, it seems Google just wants to crack down on businesses and force them to pay. If businesses are using the G Suite legacy free edition, they will be transitioned to Google Workspace.

If you give up and decide to get rid of your Gmail account, read on to learn how to delete your account permanently.

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