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Even if you haven’t played MInecraft, you probably recognize the colorful characters online, in novelty stores, or emblazoned on a backpack or t-shirt. But the video game franchise is more than just pixelated blocks, digging for precious minerals, and fighting off zombies. There is also a healthy dose of laughter surrounding the franchise. If you enjoy Minecraft in any capacity, these 12 Minecraft memes will make you LOL, if not ROFL.

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1. Perfectly Placed

There are many ways to play a game, but sometimes there is a universal understanding of keeping everything in perfect equilibrium. For example, as the meme below explains, what kind of monster doesn’t place the crafting table next to the furnace?

minecraft meme

2. Daily Struggle

This meme hilariously illustrates the love-hate relationship many have with Minecraft. It’s a delight to play, but as with most multiplayer games, it’s much better when your friends join. But you question your motivations when they leave, and you play by yourself, then quit as well. Eventually, you start up again, invite your friends again, and the cycle continues.

minecraft meme

3. Too Much?

Remember when your parents said watching too much TV will give you square eyes? This meme pokes fun at the thousands of hours that some people have invested in the game.


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4. Now What?

Every Minecraft player will feel this meme deep in their soul. You spend hours placing every block in the correct spot, ensuring the interior perfectly aligns with your ideas. You step back to admire your creation and see that one block is wrong. Hopefully, it’s a quick fix, but sometimes you must break down entire sections.


5. All the Way

A rookie mistake. Far too many first-time players dig straight down without considering how they’ll return to the surface when their pickaxe eventually breaks.


6. Searching for What?

When you are stuck in a game or unsure how to do something, searching for the answers online is easy. However, looking for solutions or ingredient lists for some Minecraft concoctions could raise alarm bells with authorities. For example, searching for “how to make TNT” or “ingredients for a firework rocket” could land you in hot water. As the meme jokes, it’s always better to add “in Minecraft” just to be safe.


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7. Keeping an Eye on Things

While the Minecraft universe follows a particular look, a few aspects seem strange. Besides the zombies, the animals seem to look simultaneously in both directions.


8. Why I Quit

This meme also pokes fun at the range of emotions Minecraft players go through during sessions. If you aren’t careful where you walk, especially when your pockets are filled with precious materials, you could lose everything when entering lava. For this reason, you should always put your stuff away before embarking on an adventure.


9. Same, But Different

The Minecraft world is seemingly endless, constantly populated with random minerals, animals, and elements in all directions. However, as this meme asks, what does the sun rotate around if it stretches to infinity? It’s a highly philosophical question that can plunge you into an existential crisis, so it’s better to focus on what you can see.

minecraft meme

10. Bring Enough Axes

Every Minecraft player will feel this meme to their core. There is nothing worse than spending hours looking for diamonds and turning up empty-handed. But the moment you wander off to go do something else, you find a deposit that stretches for miles. And you don’t have the right pickaxe to harvest them.

minecraft meme

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11. Things Go Boom

A creeper is relatively easy to kill in Minecraft, but if not dealt with swiftly, it can cause a lot of damage to a fragile structure. After spending hours building a dwelling, a self-destructing creeper can make you want to quit the game.


12. Resource Hog

Just because the Minecraft world isn’t as detailed as other games doesn’t mean it’s light on computer resources. There are hundreds of additions, mods, and downloadable content to enhance your gaming session, and they all add up, requiring more resources from your computer.


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It would seem that we'll continue to be entertained by these funny Minecraft memes, as there's wide availability of the game, between Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile devices. Additionally, it doesn't have a plot, missions or side quests, so there's no real ending to the Markus "Notch" Persson-created game.

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