Fun Voice-Changing Apps for Android

Everyone seems so serious lately. If you're feeling a little stressed out or have a friend who is, it may be time to lighten things up with a bit of voice-changing technology! There apps allow you to record audio files and change them into something funny.

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Squeak Voice Changer

Squeak Voice Changer takes your voice and transforms it into the voice of one of their characters. These characters include Patrick the Monster, who always sounds angry because he's hungry, Julius the Bear with his deep voice, and Bruce the Sentimental bot.

Voice Changing Apps Squeak

The resulting audio file is clean and accurate. It can take some time for the app to create the file, depending on how long your speech is. There is no limit on the length of your files, even on the free version. You can download and share the resulting file or share it on social.

The free version only gives you access to a limited number of the characters, so if you want to have all the choices available, you need to upgrade to the pro version, which also removes the ads you may find annoying.

Narrator's Voice

Narrator's Voice adds some new features into the mix. You can, of course, save and share the file, but it also allows you to import a text file with the words you want to say.

Voice Changing Apps Narrators Voice

One of the unique things about Narrator's Voice is the built-in translation. When you have finished recording, you can select the output language as well as the voice you like. It also has more options to tweak the sound of the final file.


Voice Changing Apps Voicefx

Aside from the usual voice-recording and sharing features, VoiceFX brings a few more interesting aspects to the voice-changing party. This app has a live feedback mode, converting your voice as you speak. There's also a live-streaming option. Just type in the custom URL, and whatever you say will be broadcast in real time with the effect that you added to your voice.

Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects from Baviux is one of the most popular voice-changing apps with over fifty million downloads.

Voice Changing Apps With Effects

This app has nearly fifty effects with which to change your voice. It lists its effects with words that describe the sound instead of using characters as Squeak does. The effects include megaphone, space mutant, nervous, and duck!

Voice Changer has a tab for browsing all of your past recordings.

Along with the app's ability to save or post your files, you can post to Facebook, complete with an image. It can even be set as a ringtone.

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Voice Changer by AndroidRock

AndroidRock's version of a voice changer isn't quite as meaty as the Voice Changer with Effects. It has fewer options for voices, but it does have a friendly user interface.

Voice Changing Apps Androidrock

This app is free, but it is filled with ads. If you can't tolerate the ads, then you need to upgrade.

Handy Tools Studio Voice Changer

On the surface it seems like Studio Voice Changer is like all the others, but it contains some features that sets it apart. Instead of focusing solely on silly voices and characters for the output, it creates a music studio experience.

Voice Changing Apps Handy Tools Studio

The effects on this app were developed specifically with singers in mind. Your voice will be overhauled and made to sound as if you were recording in a studio, with a chorus and a theater option. You can also add reverb, tweak your pitch, or speed up or slow down your recording.

All of the apps listed in this article have very similar features, so the one you like will come down to personal preference. The main differences are the number of voice options and the layout of the user interface. Most voice-changing apps are free, so you can try them out and delete the ones you don't like.

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