Use FruitJuice for Mac to Diagnose Your Battery Health

One of the things that we often do on our computers is leave them plugged in for hours and hours without realizing that it’s actually harming the computers. Most people do so because they just don’t want to interrupt their work only to plug in their machine for charging. If you’re a Mac user and find it a bit difficult to determine when to and when not to plug in your machine, there’s an app that can help you.

FruitJuice is a battery maintenance app for Mac that allows you to handle all the tasks related to battery on your device. From finding out when to plug in your machine to checking out when your battery needs a replacement, it does it all for you in the background. What’s so great about this app is it integrates with the design of Mac very well so you won’t feel like you’re using an alien app.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features of FruitJuice for Mac:

How Long To Be Plugged In?


Using the data gathered while you use your Mac, it finds out how long you should be plugged in to the power outlet. It uses intelligent algorithms to find out the accurate time you should be losing your power and the time you should be charging your machine. When you first use the app, it will take you through a cycle to learn how you use your machine, and then it gives you suggestions based on your usage pattern.

Your Complete Power History


While we’ve all heard about browsing history, what FruitJuice provides you is Power History. It shows the history of fully charged, battery running, and such other information to keep you abreast of your Mac’s battery status. You can see your history up to a year, which is more than enough for troubleshooting any issues.

Battery Condition


After having owned a Mac for quite a good amount of time, you might wonder what the condition of your battery is. Well, the app lets you find that out, too. The Battery Info section tells you everything you need to know about your battery. It shows the current condition of your battery, with “Good” being the best status you can have. And then you can see the lifespan of your battery as well as when it was manufactured. Knowing these things might help you when you face issues with your battery.

Customized Notifications


I often get annoyed when each and every app on my Mac just keeps sending me notifications that I’m not interested in at all. With FruitJuice, you don’t have to worry about that. The app lets you configure your notification settings, so you only get them when you really want them. It will be no trouble for you at all. There are quite a number of options you can change in the notification preferences panel, and they all help you manage your notifications.


If you happen to have a busy life and want an app that can do all the battery-related tasks for you, we’d suggest you use the FruitJuice app. It automatically does all the tasks for you to keep your Mac healthy for years to come.


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