Become Your Own Boss with the Freelance Web Developer Bundle

Invest in yourself by learning how to become a freelance developer with the Freelance Web Developer Bundle. With this bundled you’ll learn the various web development technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as mobile app development on Android and iOS.

The following eight courses are included in this bundle.

Introduction to HTML and CSS

Ever wanted to build a website but lacked the technical expertise? In this accelerated course, you’ll learn HTML and CSS, two core languages to web development, and build a fully responsive landing page. Before you know it you will have a strong foundation and be on the path towards a productive career in web development.

Introduction to JavaScript


JavaScript is the most sought after coding language for employers, and being fluent in it can do wonders for your marketability. Used in front-end web development and designed to interact with other languages, JavaScript helps make websites more responsive and portable across desktop and mobile platforms. In this fast-paced two-hour course you’ll get up to speed with JavaScript and be ready to take on new Web-based challenges.

Introduction to PHP and MySQL

When used in conjunction, PHP and MySQL are excellent tools to construct complex, data-heavy websites, while still allowing the flexibility to adjust those sites over time. They are essential tools for any aspiring web developer, and this course will get you up to speed quickly. A well-paying developer gig is just around the corner!

Introduction to WordPress


WordPress makes it easy for anybody to operate their own website without typing a line of code. However, WordPress is a massively scalable platform, and its huge array of features can elude the casual user. With this course you’ll learn how to optimize your WordPress presence and become a professional, marketable user in just two-and-a-half short hours.

Making Your First iPhone App

Mobile app developers are in greater demand than ever as more and more people opt to access the Internet via their smartphones. If you want to be a web developer, it’s crucial that you also understand how to build mobile apps. In this course you’ll learn Swift, Apple’s official coding language, by building a real iPhone app that you can use to start a mobile app portfolio.

Game Development with SpriteKit

SpriteKit is a popular framework for building high-performance, battery-efficient 2D games for Apple devices. In this course you’ll dive into the exciting world of mobile game development by getting hands-on experience with SpriteKit and the Apple development framework, Xcode. Before you know it, you’ll be able to build amazing games and try your luck in the App Store.

Introduction to Android App Development


Android is an increasingly popular operating system, making it an exciting and slightly less saturated development frontier than iOS. Not to mention, programming for Android shares many similarities to programming for other platforms as well, making your future education easier. This immersive course will guide you along the process of building a functional, creative Android app and bringing it to users.

How to Run a Freelance Business

One of the greatest perks to being a web developer is that you can work from anywhere, and you’re in such high demand that you can work for anyone. You don’t have to be tied down to a single employer and salary when you can negotiate better deals with several. This course will teach you how to leverage your skill set and become a successful and independent freelance developer.

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The Freelance Web Developer Bundle

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